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Rahmath Muslim Food (Previously Riyadh Muslim Food)

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Rahmath Muslim Food (Previously Riyadh Muslim Food)

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Riyadh Muslim Food is not a strange name to those Prata lovers, located in a coffeeshop at the Dufu industrial area, Riyadh Muslim Food has since changed the name to Rahmath Muslim Food. Change in the ownership? We suppose so, change in the prata standard, yet to find out.

They served only roti prata on Sunday so we do not have the chance to try other dishes.

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A good or bad prata highly depend on the flavour and the texture. When the prata arrived, the fragrance of the buttery prata has already filled the air, a distinct difference from most of the roti prata stalls which are sparing in the use of Ghee and butter to cut cost, Rahmath knows the importance of the quality and that makes the difference from the rest. The buttery taste with a tad of sweetness in between the dough was tantalizing and pleasant.  The texture of the prata was chewy and fluffy that makes the prata a great craft work by the chef.

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The only drawback of the Prata was the bland and less flavourful mutton curry, we are not too impressed, more spices and seasoning to enhance the overall taste could well make the overall dish fair much better.

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Overall, good and tasty roti prata but the gravy was just too ordinary and a pitiful mismatch to the prata.

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Rahmath Muslim Food (Previously Riyadh Muslim Food)

Address: Stall 12, Soon Soon Lai Eating House, 32 Defu Lane 10

Telephone: 62812664

Operating Hours: 06:30 – 19:00, Closed on every last Wednesdays of the month





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