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R & B Tea – Queen of The Brown Sugar Boba Milk

R & B Tea 巡茶

R & B Tea
Photo credit: @rbteasg

With the countless bubble tea brands that are piling atop one another, the bubble tea Game of Thrones in our sunny island has become more intense than ever. With long-standing and well-known brands such as KOI, Gong Cha and LiHo, it is extremely difficult, nay, impossible for new players to have even an ounce of opportunity to sit on the shiny throne. Rendering my statement wrong – R & B Tea 巡茶, which only made its grand entrance in Singapore back in September 2017. Barely a year old, R & B has swept the nation and flooded Instagram feeds with its glorious, legendary Brown Sugar Boba Milk and has since opened a total of 6 outlets in Singapore!

Did you know the brand name actually stands for the initials of Taiwanese founders, Rex and Bruce, who ventured into the bubble tea business because they craved for good bubble tea that they could only find back at home? Like Rhythm & Blues music that is composed from the soul, R & B’s drinks are concocted to speak to your sugar-loving soul.

R & B Tea Signature drinks

Photo credit: @thatgreedypig

Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brûlée (MBS R – $5.80/L – $6.50, other outlets R – $4.80)

As if the original Brown Sugar Boba Milk were not already delicious enough, hail the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brûlée in its crowning glory. Introduced to the menu around August this year, it’s been 2 months since its birth.

Photo credit: R&B Singapore’s Facebook

The cup sees their regular brown sugar boba milk topped with an extra layer of velvety cream cheese and sprinkled with brown sugar bits. It doesn’t stop there. The beautiful layer is then torched, creating a golden caramelised top that brings a touch of crispiness to each sip. From the marriage of the sweet milk and salty cheese, to the alliance of the crispy Brûlée and the soft pearls, you are getting the best of every world.

With the brown sugar syrup artfully poured down the walls of the cup to create the illusion of tiger stripes, this drink is named  “老虎出巡”, which translates to “a tiger out on a journey”.

Photo credit: @sgfoodsteps

Brown Sugar Boba Milk (R – $4.80/L – $5.50)

Meet Brown Sugar Boba Milk, the one that you’ve probably already seen tens or hundreds of times on your Instagram feed. Standing proud in a starkly contrasting layers of white and dark brown, the little cup of milk is astoundingly appealing, made for grabbing the attention of anyone who sets eyes on it. This one is also named quirkily –  “青蛙撞奶”, which roughly translates to “frog meets milk”, to play on the imagery of frog eggs in milk. Associating the pearls to frog eggs is a questionable approach to me, but the appeal of the perfect dark pearls is definitely not compromised.

Photo credit: @rbteasg

The tapioca pearls are slow-cooked in brown sugar for at least 3 hours, to ensure a deep, aromatic flavour that pairs well with their creamy fresh milk. Loved by many, they are chewy yet soft, and do not give the teeth and jaws a tedious time.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea (R – $3.80)

Also falling in the same category, their Brown Sugar Milk Tea is also a noteworthy choice. Given a choice of teas(black tea, roasted oolong, no, 23 oolong, peach oolong) to choose from, you can expect a more complex flavour from this cup, with the added fragrance of tea. Depending on your preference, you can opt for an added piquant smokiness from the roasted oolong, or a refreshing touch of fruitiness from the peach oolong. The various flavours are really an adventure for you to discover.

Photo credit: @wishuponatart

Devil’s Booster ($5)

Moving away from all things dairy, R & B tea also concocts toothsome fruity teas, to name one of them – Devil’s Booster. Deserving of a crown for its refreshing and royal flavours, this drink is literally crowned, with a hollowed fresh orange. The bright yellow drink is actually a tropical daydream of peach oolong, with fresh orange pulp and pineapple chunks swimming at the bottom. Good for a summer’s day, which is basically everyday in sunny Singapore.

Photo credit: Burppler @siming

Mighty Luffy ($6.80)

Also a fitting companion for a hot, sweaty day, the Mighty Luffy is a cup of tea where all the fruits meet. A single order of it grants you a whole whopping litre of Hawaiian Red Tea, infused with freshly-squeezed orange juice, watermelon chunks, and lemon and lime slices. The citrus and sweetness from the fruits combats the bitterness of the tea, producing a flavour that is full-bodied and one of its kind.

R & B Tea flagship outlet is located at Marina Square and they have 5 additional outlets, with their newest outlet having just opened at Singpost a week ago!

Yet, here I am still crossing my fingers that one of their outlets will one day pop up closer to home.

R & B Tea Address:

Marina Square, #04-101, S039594
470 Toa Payoh Lor 6, lvl 1, S310470
Oasis Terraces, #B1-03, S820681
Singapore Poly FC4,
MBS The Shoppes, B2-50, S018956
SingPost Centre, #01-133, S408600

H: Daily 11am – 11pm


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