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Quan xiang Kway Chap 泉香粿汁

Quan xiang Kway Chap 泉香粿汁

Selling Kway Chap is a hard labour job much more than other trades, why? Ask the Kway Chap owners and they will tell you how much of the hard work one’s has to endure, do you know before a bowl of nice kway chap and a dish of different assortments delivered to your table, the innards have to be cleaned thoroughly, hours to prepare the braised sauce and cook the food…… all these could not be made possible because someone who wake up daily at 3 to 4am to deliver the enjoyable food. We need to learn how to appreciate.

quan xiang kway chap 1

If Blanco court garden street Kway Chap is something you are in search of scrumptious delights, perhaps, Quan Xiang kway chap, a stall found at Themarketplace@58 Bedok South Food Centre is almighty enough to stand up for the challenge.

quan xiang kway chap 3

Quan xiang Kway Chap

We didn’t expect something too subtle from the stall owning to its street ordinary look and no display of award winnings, oh no….we are getting judgemental. What we saw was an orderly queue waiting patiently for the hot steaming kway chap, good enough for us to give it a try, not forgetting we are bearing a mission to uncover the hidden gem.

quan xiang kway chap 2

The kway chap was smooth and with a nice texture, it was a mouth watering bowls of kway chap with a tremendous depth in its gravy, well complemented the kway and arouses every aspect of the sensory with a pleasantly kway chap aroma.

The plate of assorted mix came with pork belly, fish cake, innards, tau pok and egg doused with the gravy. Innards were properly cleaned and no foul stench, texture was soft and tasty, the tau pok absorbed fully the finest from the delectable gravy and everything was skilfully cooked.

quan xiang kway chap 5

This is an unpolished gem in this oldies food centre, with some fine tuning, Quan xiang Kway Chap should be able to hold the candle to some of the good kway chap around.

quan xiang kway chap 4

Quan Xiang Kway Chap

Address: The marketplace@58 Bedok South Food Centre #01-173

Operating Hours: Mon.-Sun. 07:00-12:30


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