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Quan xiang Fish Porridge – Nostalgia in the soup 泉香鱼口粥

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Quan xiang Fish Porridge – Nostalgia in the soup 泉香鱼口粥

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An old stall operating since 1966, the lao zi hao (老字号) or literally translates into “well known old brand” is prominently formed part of the stall’s signboard, a confidence to the world the stall has gone through years of authentication by the customers and surviving till now. 

The bowl of fish soup was less clear compared to the traditional fish soup; the soup was more of light brown colour and extremely simple in the content. Yes, you will only find few slices of fish and a piece or two of green veggie in the soup, that is all you get in the soup, nothing else, no tofu, sea weed or tomatoes etc.   This is truly the traditional Teochew fish porridge which believes importance of retaining the original taste of the fish and not allowed other non necessary ingredients get into the way.

Quan Xiang Fish Porridge 2

Truly enough, we can fully appreciate the natural sweetness of the soup and the freshness of the fish slices, Quan Xiang uses Batang fish (Aka Mackerel) which is a good fish slice for the fish soup, the only drawback probably the intact of the fish skin which makes the fish tasted a little more fishy.

Quan Xiang Fish Porridge 4

The soup was well seasoned, Quan Xiang uses flatfish to enhance the taste and if you are a fan of fish soup, you will likely enjoy the power of the nostalgia taste permeated in every part of the soup.     

Overall, you can discover the traditional of a good Teochew fish soup from Quan Xiang Fish Porridge; it would be more ideal if the fish slices given in the soup could be more generous to make the values more worthy.

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Quan xiang Fish Porridge 泉香鱼口粥

Address: Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre 116 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #02-146

Operating Hours: Daily 11.30am to 10pm, closed on Mondays

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  • Avatar Mervyn says:

    The bukit timah Quan Chang has closed down. There is a branch at bukit batok. Any idea the address?

  • Avatar TK says:

    Thanks for the update, we are not aware about the closure of the stall. Regarding the Bukit Batok branch, we have no idea where it is about as well, however, if we have the info, we will definitely update the website. Thanks

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