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Putien restaurant, Singapore -莆田 The place for Heng Hwa cuisine

Putien restaurant, Singapore –莆田 The place for Heng Hwa cuisine

The Glutton family’s was plan to visit SuFood at Raffles City but it hit a snag when the receptionist courteously informed us that they were fully booked. So, we ended up the restaurant next door – Putien restaurant.

putien 1

Putien 莆田 – a coastal town located in the Fujian province of China, that serves up Heng Hwa (兴化) cuisine.

We opted for the set menu.

Braised Bamboo shoots $7.50

putien 2

The set menu comes with a light appetizer which was Braised dried bamboo shoot with small chunks of pork cubes, which tasted rather bland even though the gravy was tasty. The pork cubes were too hard though.

Tender pork belly slices $8.90

putien 3

Topped with rich garlic sauce over a bed of cucumber. The thinly sliced meat went pretty well with the ranch sauce and was a better choice between the two.

Steamed Live Soon Hock / Live Seabass with Diced Chilli

Steamed fish 8.90/100g (Soon Hock) 4.50/100g (Seabass)

putien 7

The steamed fish was flavoured with chili, garlic, fermented black soybean and soy sauce. The seasoning struck a harmonious balance between spiciness and sweetness, flavoursome in every bite. Do not worry about the reddish chili added; the spiciness was very mild and will probably be tolerable for most.

Braised Bean Curd with Chinese Cabbage 25.90 (M) 17.50 (S)

putien 4

The milky broth was served in a big pot with cabbage, pork, seasonal clams, homemade fluffy beancurd, dried scallops, dried shrimp and salted vegetable. The sweetness and sourness of the ingredients was well-balanced, one bowl of it wasn’t enough!

putien 5

Sweet and sour pork with lychees 18.50 (M)12.50 (S)

putien 6

The caramelized sweet and sour pork introducing fresh lychee into the dish, it left a different kind of sweetness that made a lingering taste on your palate as compared to a more sour aftertaste. With the deep fried light golden brown meat that was tender and moist, the dish was savory and well loved by all of us.

Putien signature lor mee 26.80 (L)17.80 (M)8.90 (S)

putien 8

Sad to say that the taste of this signature dish was a complete disappointment, the gooey gravy was tasted bland, soggy and cloying. We stopped after the first few bites and actually packed home to further enhance with seasoning  to perk up the flavour in order not to waste food.

Desserts $3.90

putien 9

The dessert was a mediocre; the lotus seeds were as hard as the rock and the bitter-tasting germ of the lotus seeds were not removed. Seriously, Putien claims its meticulous selection of the ingredients but the dessert said it differently. It could be just a dessert but the damages to Putien’s reputation could be severed.

Overall, we concur most of the dishes for Putien are succulent in taste like the Braised Bean Curd with Chinese cabbage, Sweet and sour pork with lychees and steamed fish that we highly recommend.


Putien restaurant, Singapore –莆田

Please refer Putien website for all the outlets location and other information





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