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5 Things to Eat at Punggol Container Park

5 Things to Eat at Punggol Container Park

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Nestled in one of the most ulu parts of Singapore, this cargo container park plays off the usual beat and brings a touch of quirk to our rigid little island. Before you go ahead and dismiss it for being miles away from civilisation, you should know that this park was actually built for a good cause!

Known as the Punggol Container Park, its actual name is Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development (SEED), an initiative by Social Innovation Park (SIP) to build a more inclusive and sustainable world. Each container bistro here carries a social mission and unique concept.

Bring yourself on a journey to the edge of Punggol, and you’ll be surrounded by colourful metal boxes, each boasting a different type of cuisine. Here comes the inevitable question – what’s good? To make your arduous trip worthwhile, here are 5 things that you should eat at this park. Don’t forget to bring your passports! (Just kidding!)

1. Big Fish Small Fish

Always bustling with activity, Big Fish Small Fish is no doubt the star of the show here with its alluring fragrance of fried fish and crisps. Its mission is to ‘promote inclusivity’ by providing employment opportunities to needy individuals.

big fish small fish
Photo credit: @hellohungrypeople

Forget fancy bouquets that tear up a massive hole in your wallet, this bouquet of Dory Fish & Crisps ($7.90) is all you need to impress your lady. Served in their signature yellow cardboard cone, a golden extravaganza of fried potato slices and fish threatens to fall out the top of the cardboard. Armoured in a thin batter, the dory flesh retains its juicy moisture, even after being deep-fried in boiling oil. It is accompanied by a load of fried crisps which are thinly-sliced and madly addictive.

For a more textured alternative, you can also try the Salmon Fish & Crisps($12.70) – also a popular choice. Unlike the smooth flesh of the dory fish, the salmon is flaky and tough yet still moist.

big fish small fish
Photo credit: @teerexeats

Help yourselves to their selection of dips – Cheese, Salted Egg, Ketchup, XO Mayo, Curry Mayo, and Tartar sauce. When chewing through a handful of lightly-flavoured crisps gets a little monotone, their dips give a pop of flavour to each bite, which makes it harder to stop eating. If you’re a true-blue Singaporean, you will probably love the curry mayo, which is reminiscent of roti prata curry, or the salted egg sauce.

Big Fish Small Fish

50 Punggol East, #01-K35
Singapore 828826

9438 7623

Sun to Thu: 12pm – 12am
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 1am

2. Seoul Good

Just sitting beside Big Fish Small Fish, Seoul Goodawaits your visit with refreshing bingsus and chicken wings that are literally so good. With a motto to ‘inspire positive change’, this eatery also acts as a platform for job opportunities for single parents and ex-offenders.

seoul good
Photo credit: @jandyjean

After a day in the sweltering heat, what you might want right in front of your eyes is this Strawberry Bingsu ($18.90). Depending on your preference, the ice can be made with a milk base or yoghurt base (+$1). Boasting the usage of authentic Korean ingredients and machinery, Seoul Good’s bingsu prices may seem a little out of one’s comfort zone but you’ll find that the quality is worth a few extra bucks.

Served without the sweet milk found in normal bingsu places, their shaved ice was by itself milky and flavoured. Sitting atop the fluffy milk snow are fresh macerated berries that are beautifully red and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

seoul good
Photo credit: Seoul Good Facebook

Of course, you might not want to travel all the way to the edge of Singapore just for bingsu. In that case, give their Kimchi Chicken Spaghetti ($11.90) a try! The Asian-Italian fusion of al dente pasta, kimchi, and seasoned chicken builds a robustly spicy and tangy profile, which is rarely heard of.

Seoul Good

50 Punggol East Punggol
Singapore 828826

8818 3210

Sun – Thu: 12pm – 10pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 1am

3. Pump Station 1965

This one should be easy to spot, with its characteristic retro concept featuring recycled wooden barrels and oil drums as furniture. Pump Station is helmed by Macs Fong, an ex-convict, and thus carries the social mission of ‘supporting sustainable living’. He believes in giving ex-convicts a second chance, a conviction (pardon the pun!) that has paid off, as evident from his current success.

Besides offering up to 100 types of featured beers, speciality drinks, and liquors, Pump Station cooks up an array of enticing Asian fusion dishes. Expect to find a variety of choices like Japanese curry, sesame wings, smoked duck spaghetti, and even salads.

pump station
Photo credit: kopifolks

If you ordered a drink or two, look no further than this Dong Po Pork Belly($14.90) as a side to your tipple. The intense sweet and salty flavours cut right through the bitterness of the alcohol, which explains why they pair so well. The tender pork fat then proceeds to melt in your mouth, and you may find that the three-piece serving is not enough.

pump station
Photo credit: Pump Station Facebook

If you’re looking something more filling, they do a bang-up job with their Bangers & Mash as well. Grilled to perfection and doused in a homemade sauce, the German sausages are juicy to each bite and paired with creamy mashed potatoes.

Pump Station 1965

50 Punggol East
Singapore 828826

9459 7703

Mon to Sat: 5pm – 1am
Sun: 3pm – 1am

4. D’Grill

On a mission to ‘celebrate diversity‘, D’Grill brings you local delights without pork or lard and hires without discrimination.

d grill
Photo credit: DGrill facebook

Specialising in grilled and hotplate local foods, they also serve up unique fusion dishes in hotplate style, deep-fried, or pasta-based. Amongst the plethora of dishes that you’d want to get your hands on, the Grilled Hotplate Sambal Stingray ($13) is one that will not let your hungry soul down. The piping hot sambal that is slathered generously on the fresh stingray looks fiery but is surprisingly not too spicy, and still possesses a kick of flavour.


50 Punggol Street #01-K38
Singapore 828826

9670 9279

Sun to Thu: 4.30pm – 12am
Fri & Sat: 4.30pm – 1am

5. Miami Bistro

Miami Bistro is the newest kid on the block and warrants attention with its Miami-themed decorations. With hints of the American flag on the stall’s exterior, it screams ‘Party in the USA’ and beachy vibes, which is quite apt, I guess, with the reservoir-side locale.

miami bistro
Photo credit: Miami Bistro Facebook

Besides the vibrancy that it contributes to the place, the food here is also dedicated to the drinkers, with meat platters and fried goodies. Good to go with a bottle of beer, Miami Bistro serves up the Salted Egg Fish Skin and Chicken, which provides a pop of savouriness to every sip of alcohol. The waiting time for the food might stretch a little longer than you like, so if you don’t really have time to chill, skip this place.

Miami Bistro

50 Punggol East #01-K34
Singapore 828826

Punggol East Container Park

A: 50 Punggol East, Singapore 828826

Nearest LRT: Riviera


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