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PS.Cafe / Project Shop Café (Harding Road)

PS Cafe 4

Located in the Dempsey Hill, it took us quite a while before we managed to locate this place. Even though it is almost inaccessible unless by car, we loved where it was located as it was rather serene. Walking in to P.S café, we were immediately greeted by an entire row of desserts; what a way to get us salivating! That wasn’t just the end of it, the simple white painted bricks with full length glass panels that allowed us to have a nice view of the greenery around us made us want to stay there forever.

PS Cafe 9

Being kiasu (risk-averse) Singaporeans, although we made a reservation, the open section of the café was already almost full at 11.40am (just a short 10 minutes after their opening). Although we were looking to get away from the noise and were wishing for a quiet environment to dine in, we got quite the opposite of what we asked for. The entire café was just bustling with activity. Anyway, we ordered the Portobello Mushroom Soup, P.S Turkey Cranberry, King Prawn Aglio Olio, Truffle Shoestring Fries, Crispy Soft Shell Crab Sandwich, and Double Chocolate Blackout Cake with Ice Cream.

Portobello Mushroom Soup ($14)

PS Cafe 5

Unlike most mushroom soup you have out there, this mushroom soup seems to be made by actually grinding the mushrooms to fine pieces to form the base, with watercress and truffle oil.


While this means that the soup is rich and full of mushroom flavour, it also means that the soup gets a little cloying after a while. A small portion would have been fine, but we were overwhelmed by what was given to us. The bread did help make the soup a little more bearable though. So never order this unless you’re sharing!

P.S Turkey Cranberry ($23)

PS Cafe 2

The sandwich consists of homemade toasted caraway bread, layered with smoked turkey, grilled cheese, bacon, mayo & cranberry jam. Being in the Christmas mood, we thought this was the perfect main for the season! The turkey together with the bacon, cheese, mayo and cranberry jam blended exceptionally well to keep you wanting for more. The jam was sweet and sour, together with the saltiness of the bacon and cheese, the harmony of flavours was just amazing. Top that with the crispy lightly toasted bread, we couldn’t ask for more!

PS Cafe 1

The sandwich also came with a serving of mixed salad with a savoury dressing. Vegetables were fresh and crisp, greatly enjoyed it!

 King Prawn Aglio Olio ($29)

PS Cafe 6

Pretty much the best Aglio Olio we have ever come across so far. The spaghetti was served with fresh grilled king prawns, fresh herbs but what made the pasta real special was the additional bread crumbs! The bread crumbs helped to “lock in” the flavours, not forgetting the fact that they were very generous with seasoning.

Truffle Shoestring Fries ($15)

PS Cafe 3

Another one of our favourites! You can clearly taste the truffle oil in the fries, and the grated parmesan cheese help adds a bit of saltiness in the fries, it might seem like a huge portion, but we wiped it all out!

Crispy Soft Shell Crab Sandwich ($31)

PS Cafe 7

The sandwich consisted of the tempura soft shell crab, lettuce, caramelised onions, with tomato chilli jam, avocado salsa on Turkish bread. Although the name said that the soft shell crab was supposed to be crispy, the tomato chilli took away all the crispiness of the soft shell crab. Taste wise, the soft shell crab was nothing fantastic, although we did love the tomato chilli jam, being sweet and sour at the same time. The avocado salsa could barely be tasted, almost didn’t realise it was there!


The sandwich was served with a serving of fresh vegetables salad in this sweet dressing that we all preferred as compared to the salad served with the turkey sandwich. There was also a serving of sweet potato wedges, they might be tasty, but you get filled immediately after just a bite!

Double Chocolate Blackout Cake with Ice Cream ($14.90)

PS Cafe 13

We were shocked by how huge the slice of the cake was! Thankfully the cake was real good, it was rich with just the right moisture. The vanilla ice cream was ordinary though. Even so, with the additional warm chocolate syrup that the cake is drenched in, topped with some cold vanilla ice cream, I guess we can say it was a good wrap to our meal.

Overall, most of the dishes were above average and the typical American portion will pack your stomach to the fullest. The environment is nice except lacking the quietness for a peace of mind meal.

PS Cafe 10

PS.CAFE at HARDING – T: (+65) 9070 8782


PS.CAFE at A.S.H PARK – T: (+65) 9797 0648

45 ANN SIANG ROAD, #02-02 SINGAPORE 069719

PS.CAFE PETIT – T: (+65) 9226 7088


PS.CAFE at PARAGON – T: (+65) 9297 7008


PS.CAFE at PALAIS – T: (+65) 9834 8232




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