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Pranakorn Review – Authentic Thai Fare

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 1

Pranakorn – an old name for Bangkok City and a symbol of Thai.

The Head Chef, Mdm Yongpeerakun Nuttikan ( aka Kaopan) founded Pranakorn and wanted to make her native Thai delicacies available here. According to the description in the menu, Pranakorn cuisine is prepared with no MSG and uses mainly imported seasoning ingredients from Thailand. Pranakorn is set to provide something truly Thai but will it be able to make a difference from other Thai restaurants?

Changi Village – perhaps the last true countryside town in Singapore, is a place without any trace of bustling city scene, a serene and secluded place that my family loves to visit. This is where Pranakorn is located as well.

Stick Noodle with Minced Pork in Tom Yum Soup $5.8

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 3

The Thai stick noodle was served with minced pork cake, hard-boiled egg, fried wanton, chili flakes and ground peanuts in an appetizing chili lime soup, which was a medley of spicy and sweet flavour. Noodles were smooth and overall, a simple but satisfying bowl of noodle.

Fried Pork Cake with Special Dipping Sauce $6.8

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 8

The fried pork cake was a little too tame in the seasoning, perhaps why they served the special dipping sauce which is similar to sweet and sour Thai chili sauce. You seriously need something to perk up the flavour or else eating the insipid pork cake alone could be unappetising.

Deep Fried Thai Chicken Winglets $5.8

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 9

The Thai chicken winglets were well-seasoned and deep-fried for a flavourful and delectable taste; some may find the sodium a little overdosed.

Stir Fried Thai Style Kang Kong $5.8

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 4

No sambal but true to the traditional Thai style, the Kang Kong has a pleasant crunchy texture and retained the lovely green. A simple but delicious dish.

Tom Yum Soup $12.0

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 10

We opted for the clear version, the soup was right on the spot but my two teens who prefer a more robust flavour. However, it still has a bold and refreshing flavour that imbedded the essence of Thai flavour.

Egg Omelette $8.0

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 5

Fluffy and nice omelette with minced pork. A simple dish but the important thing was that the dish worked beautifully.

Stir-Fried Spicy Basil Minced Meat $8.8

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 6

The Basil and chili were insufficient and were not able to bring out the exotic flavours and fragrance of the dish.

Thai Red Curry $10.5

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 7

A staple for those who love Thai red curry.

Mango Sticky Rice $5.8

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 12

We were arguing if the glutinous rice was undercooked or the rice species used in this dessert is naturally hard. The mango was too ripe and serving portion was too pathetic. Not recommended.

Thai Chendol $3.5

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 11

Taste was too muted and we could not discern the flavour of a good Chendol. From the two desserts we ordered, Pranakorn seems to be less attentive with the sweet stuff.

Traditional Thai Iced Milk Tea $3.0 & Basil Seed Drink with Honey and Honey $3.8

Parankorn Authentic Thai Food 2

Both drinks were packed with the quintessential Thai aroma. Love it.

Our verdict on Pranakorn Authentic Thai Food

There may inevitably be some duds. However, Pranakorn is still a good place for those hankering to indulge in some authentic Thai cuisine; you can be sure there is always something to please your tastebuds and make you feel right overall.

No GST and Service charge – NETS or Cash payment only

A: Blk 4, Changi Village Road, #01-2086, Singapore 500004

T: +65 6543 0883

H: 11.30am – 9,30pm, closed on Mondays


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