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Prachak Duck Bangkok – one of the top favourites by the local for duck

Prachak Duck Bangkok – one of the top favourites by the local for duck

Prachak Duck Bangkok

Nothing fanciful of the setup here, basic plastic stools and tables and may strike you as being a little grungy for this air-conditioned restaurant which is actually quite popular with the local, be it from the wealthy families or the average, the non-stop customers keep the counter busy like the bees even way before the lunch peak hour.

Prachak Duck Bangkok

The shop opened since 1909 serving Cantonese roasted duck and pork by the first generation Chinese migrants , it is now named one of the top sought after roasted duck in Bangkok.

Four of us decided to go for the Che-po (mixed meat / Combination set) which includes Prachak’s famous roasted duck, red pork (char siew) and crispy pork (roasted pork).

Prachak Duck Bangkok

The roasted duck was nicely roasted to attain a tender and moist meat with slight crisp skin, the gravy was rich and tangy but more on the sweet side than savory to our liking, the sweetness can make you feel cloying after few mouthfuls especially when doused over the rice.

Prachak Duck Bangkok

Red pork? Yes, this is the equivalent of char siew that we are familiar with, the red meat here is ordinary in both the texture and flavour, a creation more to provide variety choices than to impress? The roasted pork was another run-of-the-mill meat and that is nothing too special worth the mention.

Our verdict
The glistening of the roasted ducks hanging in the display are beckoning the customers with its succulent duck dishes, it is a work of a more than 100 years old recipe that transformed Prachak Duck into a household’s name in Bangkok, looking at the intense activities going on in the restaurant, we wouldn’t be surprised the many prosperity years ahead for Prachak Duck.

Roasted duck 100/140/265 baht

Red Pork / char Siew 100/250 baht

Crispy Pork 100/250 baht

Che-po (mixed meat / Combination set) 140/265 balt

Prachak Pet Yang

A: 1415 Charoenkrung Road, Thailand Bangkok
(BTS Saphan Taksin)

H: Opens daily, 8.30am – 8:30pm


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