Pow Sing Restaurant 报喜

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Pow Sing Restaurant 报喜

This was our second visit to Pow Sing – but this time round, we went to its Nonya outlet: Pow Sing Restaurant, which is their main shop and just a few doors down from its other branch, Pow Sing Kitchen. Pow Sing Kitchen focuses on traditional Chinese zi char dishes which we’ve already featured in our earlier review.

Pow Sing 2

Pow Sing is famous for their Hainanese chicken rice, but slowly evolved over the years from just selling Hainanese Chicken Rice to also serve local Chinese and Nonya cuisine. Of course, Pow Sing has not abandoned their signature dish; the white and roasted birds were prominently displayed behind the glass cabinets at both the shop’s entrances. So how well did the chicken rice fare? The knife’s chopping sound from the chopping of the chicken never stopped throughout our lunch, so we’re guessing this signature dish has the continued approval of their customers.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Pow Sing 9

Don’t miss out on this dish on your visit here: the white chicken was tender and juicy, drenched with a sauce that blends well with the chicken meat, each grain of rice was intact, not too oily and with a light fragrance from the chicken stock. However, the chicken rice was less flavourful when compared to our first visit to Pow Sing Kitchen, not sure why that is so – different chef or inconsistent quality?

Ayam Buah Keluak

Pow Sing 5

The curry was cooked with assam which was quite unique, with a mixture of sourness and spiciness. The chicken was very tender and the flesh from the buah keluak was soft and tasted succulent, definitely not the empty shells or hardened flesh you find at some of the Nonya restaurants.

Pow Sing 6

Sambal Kang Kong

The sambal paste was fiercely hot just like samba dancers; however, it went very well with Kang Kong which was perfectly cooked to maintain the crunchiness and freshness. This is my son’s top favorite and he alone could have slurped down half the contents of the plate.

Pow Sing 1

Prawn roll (Ngoh Hiang)

Another Pow Sing signature dish, we’ve got to agree that the Ngoh Hiang does live up to its reputation, definitely not just full of starch but is instead packed with fresh genuine ingredients of a prawn roll e.g. prawn, meat and spices. My two teens fighting for the last piece of Ngoh Hiang was a good testament to its quality.

Pow Sing 10

Chap Chye

Pow Sing 3

Cabbage, beanskin, vermicelli  and black fungus cooked in a claypot, not too bad but not too outstanding either, the seasoning was done with a light touch.

Pow Sing 8

Crispy Tau Hu

The Tau Hu was deep fried to produce a nice golden finishing and slight crispy crust, but still very much retaining a softness internally – it was silky soft and smooth within. The golden bars were already flavourful even without dipping into the sauce provided. A thumb’s up from us.

Pow Sing 4

Overall, we need to thank the Nonya Chef for his masterful skills in whipping up so many authentic Nonya dishes! This is a place you can truly enjoy traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice and sumptuous Nonya delicacies.

Pow Sing 7

Pow Sing Restaurant

Address: 63/65 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555961

T: 6282 7972 / 6286 4813 | F: 6282 5016

Operating Hours: Lunch – 11am to 3pm Dinner – 5pm to 10pm



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