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Pow Sing Kitchen 报喜小厨

Pow Sing Kitchen报喜小厨

Review written by Glutton Princess – QiQi

We all know how Serangoon Garden is a food heaven, ranging from Chomp Chomp food centre, to Serangoon Gardens Market & Food Centre. Of course, Pow Sing Kitchen is just one of the many food stalls located in the area! We first reached at about 11plus, and we were definitely surprised to see that the entire restaurant was packed, that we had to queue! Who knew there were more kiasu Singaporeans than us!

pow sing kitchen 4

All the staffs were rather efficient, when there was a table free; they immediately sat us down, and gave us the menus. We placed our order and the dishes came rolling in in minutes! We ordered Fried Kang Kong with Belachan (under the order of my brother) and their house specialties: Pow Sing Famous Bee Hoon, Baby Squid in Mamite Sauce and Haiwanese Pork Chop. We also had 2 plates of Chicken Rice to eat our dishes with.

Chicken Rice ($0.60)

pow sing kitchen 2

We have to say, this is by far one of the most fragrant Chicken Rice we have ever had to date! You can see in the pictures how the rice is glistening from the generous amount of chicken stock used to give flavour to the rice. Sinful maybe, but worth every single mouthful! The rice was also cooked to a nice texture, unlike some that are too dry or too wet till it gets very lumpy.

Fried Kang Kong with Belachan ($8)

pow sing kitchen 1

Didn’t taste bad, but it definitely didn’t have the wow factor. Could have been slightly more spicy and crunchy.

Pow Sing Famous Bee Hoon ($5.80)

pow sing kitchen 3

Being one of the house specialties, my father expected this dish to blow him away, hence the order. Sadly, it didn’t. It was like a rendition of Hokkien Mee, except that there’s more stock/sauce lathered on the bee hoon, and that bee hoon is used. The other components were rather similar, consisting of prawns, squids, eggs and some greens. The sauce wasn’t flavourful enough, and it clearly lacked the wok smell. For the glutton family that thrives on tasty food, this Bee Hoon was too plain for our liking! We ended up having to eat it with their Belachan chilli to spice things up.

Baby Squids in Mamite Sauce ($11)

pow sing kitchen 5

I have no idea what Mamite Sauce is, but it tastes real good. That’s how the restaurant spelt it, but I think it might have been Marmite instead? Which would mean that it is a dark savoury spread made of yeast extract and vegetables extract (courtesy of Wikipedia). Whatever the case, we loved it! The Baby Squids were nicely coated with the Mamite sauce that gave that oomph feeling after sinking your teeth into it. It was so crispy, made me feel like I was eating chips!

Haiwanese Pork Chop ($10)

pow sing kitchen 6

Normally the Pork Chops that you get outside would have the tendency to be dry and hard after being deep fried. Luckily for us, that wasn’t the case with Pow Sing’s Haiwanese Pork Chop! The Pork Chop was very nicely fried, giving it a crispy crust and yet still maintaining the moisture and taste of the pork in the middle. The tomato sauce was sweet and sour. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really our thing. Didn’t touch the fries, but judging how fast it vanished from the plate (kudos to my brother), I’m guessing it can’t be so bad!

Head down to Pow Sing Kitchen if you’re a huge fan of Chicken Rice! The food served is of a relatively good quality, at the same time reasonably priced. To have such an authentic zi char food experience in air conditioned restaurant is hard to come by and worth the visit.

pow sing kitchen 7

Pow Sing Kitchen (There is another Pow Sing restaurant serving Nonya food few doors away Unit 63/65, so don’t be confused)

Address: 59 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555961

T: 6284 0800 | F: 6282 5016

Operating Hours: 10am to 9:30pm




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