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Popular Pure Dripped Chicken Essence Brand in Hong Kong to Launch in Singapore for the First Time

Popular Pure Dripped Chicken Essence Brand in Hong Kong to Launch in Singapore for the First Time

Well-loved by Celebrities and recommended by over 98% of users in Hong Kong
100% FREE from oil, hormones, fat and cholesterol

One of the top-selling brands in Hong Kong, Wang Chao Pure Chicken Essence is now available in Singapore for the very first time! Known for its certified stringent production of 100% pure chicken essence products, the brand is well-loved by celebrities and recommended by over 98% of chicken essence users in Hong Kong!

Throughout generations, mothers adore the goodness and high nutritional value of chicken soup, which is suitable for everyday consumption. The benefits of drinking chicken essence are boundless, especially for pregnant mothers during pre-natal care and post-natal confinement and breast-feeding mothers. Wang Chao Chicken Essence is highly nutritional with protein, collagen and 18 types of amino acids – 9 of which are essential. As a nutritional supplement, Wang Chao Chicken Essence boosts vitality and restores physical strength, making it a nourishing daily supplement for busy women, new mums, post-surgery patients, children and elderly in particular.

Using non-hormone injected hens 老母鸡, every pouch of Wang Chao Chicken Essence is guaranteed to be 100% natural – made of pure chicken essence extract, with no added preservatives, additives, artificial flavourings or colourings! Better yet, from the strict selection of hens right down to the packaging, the brand utilises state-of-the-art equipment and careful quality control to ensure that you get the best optimal nutrition from every drop. Brewed at 100 degree Celsius for 10 hours, each drop of chicken essence is entirely rid of oil, hormones, fat and cholesterol, whilst still maintaining the pure chicken flavour we all know and love.

Packaged in a beautiful presentable gift box, the original frozen Wang Chao Chicken Essence pack is the bestselling and is perfect for gifting. Each box consists of 10 packs, conveniently portioned for each serving. Well-suited to the fast-paced lives of busy working mothers, Wang Chao Chicken Essence is effortlessly easy to prepare! Simply heat the pouch up in hot water, and there you have it: pure chicken essence ready for consumption in 5 minutes! The natural soothing taste will leave a comforting warm glow in the body.

Wang Chao Chicken Essence is retailing at S$85.00 per box of 10 sachets and can be purchased online.

From 12-14 October, Wang Chao Chicken Essence will be present at Mummy’s Market (Singapore Expo) at Booth H30A-C. Product sampling and the following exclusive discounts will be available:

1 Box at $79 (UP $85)
2 Boxes at $153 (UP $170) – 10% savings
5 Boxes at $360 (UP $425) – 15% savings

Free delivery will be available for purchase of 2 boxes and above.

Facebook fans of Wang Chao Chicken Essence Singapore can flash their mobile and be entitled to a 200ml bottle of Kodomo Baby Bath.

About Wang Chao Chicken Essence

Led by brand ambassadors such as popular Miss Hong Kong, Tracy Yip (葉翠翠), Wang Chao is the trusted choice for chicken essence in Hong Kong. The celebrity-favourite is an iconic household brand, a part of the daily diet of busy women and mothers who have benefited from the top-notch quality of Wang Chao Chicken Essence.

Wang Chao Chicken Essence Social Platforms

Website: https://wangchao.com.sg/
Facebook: @Wang Chao Chicken Essence
Instagram: @wangchao.sg

For media enquiries:

Jo Jasiele, Mobile: 9695 8157, Email: jo@brand-cellar.com
Melissa Daniel, Mobile: 9662 1552, Email: melissa@brand-cellar.com
Iris Goh, Mobile: 9368 6531, Email: iris@brand-cellar.com


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