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Pin Xiang Chicken Rice @ Bedok Interchange

Pin Xiang Chicken Rice @ Bedok Interchange

Pin Xiang Chicken Rice

Chicken rice is probably one of the food that you can find in almost every dining spot from food court, hawker centre to our neighbourhood coffeeshops.

This is undoubtedly the most difficult hawker food to review with so many good players in the market, an extremely competitive field to define a winner.

Pin Xiang Chicken Rice does not have a long history in making chicken rice when compared to those famous chicken rice stalls, eg. Tian Tian, Lor Kee, Boon Tong Kee etc. However, the stall at the Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre has somehow managed to lure long queues of diners hankering for the plate of chicken rice.

We ordered both the white steamed chicken and roasted chicken.

Pin Xiang Chicken Rice

Both types of chicken meat were tender and moist, the sauce doused over it helped to heighten the flavour and taste of the chicken.

The rice may not be the most fragrant around but not too oily as well. The chicken stock and ginger seasoning were not too pronounced and had some rooms for improvement. However, the overall flavour was not too bad for a chicken rice.

Their chilli was the classic chicken rice chili with a well-balanced of garlicky and spicy flavour.

Pin Xiang Chicken Rice Our Verdict:

Pin Xiang Chicken Rice may have received different opinions, but the comforting staple food will continue to lure the fans who fall in love with the chicken. We had patronised the food centre many times, and there was never once that there was no queue in front of the stall, perhaps it is the best testimony to the popularity of the food.

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