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Piao Ji Fish Porridge 标记鱼粥

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Piao Ji Fish Porridge 标记鱼粥

This is the second installment of our side-by-side comparison of two popular fish soup stalls at Amoy Food Centre. (You can read our review on Han Kee Fish Soup here.)

The queue didn’t get shorter even after 2.30pm – you must really have the time and patience if you’re determined to get your bowl of fish soup from Piao Ji. This sure set up our expectations: if busy office folks are willing to queue for up to 30 – 45 minutes for their soup? Then it has to be pretty good stuff, right?

piao jo fish porridge 2

We were a little apprehensive at first as we’ve heard that the stall owner is well known for their rudeness – any request put forward will likely be reciprocated with a stern response. Yet that doesn’t seem to deter anyone. Maybe the food here is good enough that the patrons are willing to accept a little rudeness to go along with their meal? Well, we got to experience that firsthand when my wife asked for an extra pair of chopsticks and didn’t exactly get the friendliest response in return.

Still, an important food tasting still needs to be done! We went ahead and ordered a $7 serving size and it came in a medium size bowl, which was frankly, quite steep for what we got – and this is already the cheapest on the menu! The first thing we noticed: fish soup usually comes with clear broth but Piao Ji fish soup was a little milky (not due to any added milk) and we also observed a thin discernible layer of oil. A taste of the soup immediately revealed the source: pork lard had obviously been added, explaining the admittedly savory taste. This is probably the most unhealthy fish soup we’ve tried in terms of oiliness.

piao jo fish porridge 4

Fish slices were seasoned with salt as we can taste the saltiness in the fish, unfortunately, the salt overwhelmed and masked the natural sweetness of the fish. Overall, quality was further compromised with it being overcooked, and the subsequent loss of tenderness, though batang fish is used here which is better in quality than the usual snakehead found in many fish soups.

The chili with bean paste (dou chi) was good, a perfect dip for the fish slice. However, need another serving of chili sauce? Prepare to pay an additional 50 cents more.

piao jo fish porridge 3

If you are expecting a healthy fish soup, then forget about Piao Ji. However, if taste is what you enjoy the most, the stall may not disappoint you too much. For us, we prefer Han Kee Fish Soup for its healthier and tasty soup. Of course, we also prefer a stall that treats the customers with respect…

piao jo fish porridge 1

Piao Ji Fish Porridge

Address: #02-100/103, Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road

Operating Hours: 10.30am to 3pm, Closed on Thurs




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