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Percolate Cafe @ Bedok – New cafe on the block

Percolate Café @ Bedok – New cafe on the block

We were on a hunt for cafes around the east (and still are), so googling led us to Percolate on a Saturday afternoon. To say that we were shocked was an understatement when we saw that the café was filled to capacity at 3pm. Thankfully, we snagged the last indoor seat! From the moment we stepped into the café, the crew greeted us with a warm welcome, ensuring that we got ourselves comfortable.

percolate 1

Percolate is another new café setting up shop in the heartlands, locating itself at the ground floor of a HDB in the Bedok North area. The entire shop space was very small, decked in woody and earthy furniture for your picture perfect Instagram café shots. Those who come in a bigger groups might find Percolate a little too petite to have a comfortable dining experience. The indoor only accommodates 20, while the outdoor perhaps only accommodates another 6 to 8, though al fresco seating might be a little too hot to be comfortable in the day!

Ice chocolate and Hot Chocolate

percolate 5


We ordered ice chocolate because it was a hot day, the chocolate was not too sweet, though the drink could have been richer. The hot chocolate (it was still a hot day) was not better, both drinks were a little more dilute than we would have liked it to be. To be fair though, coffee drinks are their specialty here – and they are much raved about.

percolate 2


Red velvet cake

It was like a little kiddy cake without too much character. No doubt the cake was sweet and moist, but the chocolate aroma from a good red velvet cake was somehow missing or too mild for our palates. It gets a little cloying after a few mouthfuls too as it gets progressively sweeter.

percolate 3

Pear crumble Danish

The pastry was a little tough and kind of cold. Would’ve appreciated it a lot more if it was warm! The pear filling was fine.

percolate 4

Overall, the drinks and pastries were mediocre and nothing really caught our attention. The only thing that stopped the experience from being too much of a disappointment was truly the warm welcome we got from Percolate. However, we’ve got to be fair to Percolate, since we have not tried their main courses and of course the much raved about coffee. Our comments are derived strictly from our experience of the chocolate drinks and pastries.

Percolate @ Bedok – New café on the block

Add: 136 Bedok North Avenue 3 #01-152B, Singapore 460136

Tel: +65 8259 0316




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