Penny University – Degree with Honours

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Penny University – Degree with Honours

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An artisanal coffeehouse in the East Coast, Penny University offers coffee, all day breakfast and pastries. Penny University is actually a term that came from London, where people paid just a penny to have access to coffee, companionship of other strangers, pamphlets, bulletins, discussions, while being updated on news and gossip. Probably created with that in mind, Penny University has got one side of its walls lined with books, and long tables that can accommodate big groups.

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Being one of the more well-known cafés in Singapore, of course the glutton family could not give it a miss! The café has free seating, so we got ourselves a booth seat with a little pillow by the side. We decided to give the new dinner menu a try (available on Fridays and Saturdays 5-9pm), and we ordered the Roasted Basil Chicken, Roasted Lamb and Tunisia Fish soup. To satisfy our never-ending love for desserts, we also had the Millionaire Shortbread, and Grasshopper Mint Pie. For drinks, we had the Vanilla Steamed, Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

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Vanilla Steamed

Milk with a bit of vanilla; this was a light and simple drink that wasn’t too sweet.

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Hot Chocolate

Smooth, rich and not too sweet, would recommend this for the non-coffee drinker!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Very refreshing, but not everyone can handle the taste! (While I liked it, my mum didn’t!)

Tunisia Fish Soup

Tastes a lot like the usual fish curry minus the tanginess which makes it rather unique. The soup contains celery, spices, lime leaf and of course, fish. The fish used was rather tender, and it was served with lightly toasted bread.

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Roasted Basil Chicken

Extremely tender and juicy, the chicken was very well seasoned: the seasoning was evenly spread throughout that thick chunk of meat! The chicken was really tasty, we absolutely loved it! However, because the chicken was so huge, some parts were slightly undercooked. It was served with chicken-stock-marinated slow baked potatoes with a serving of garden salad. The potatoes were just delish; we couldn’t get enough of it! And while the salad was relatively fresh, it did not have any dressing.

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Roasted Lamb

The herb-marinated roasted lamb, like the chicken, was flavourful, obviously having been seasoned for quite a while. Texture-wise it was rather chewy, and once again like the chicken, certain parts were undercooked.

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Grasshopper Mint Pie

Light mint cream with chocolate mousse matched with some brownie chunks, on a thin, flaky and crispy crust topped with chocolate streusel; this will be a hit with all ages – as the kids will love the bright colours and it is only mildly sweet yet extremely mouth-watering!

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Millionaire Shortbread

No idea why millionaire, but we sure felt like we ate a million calories after eating this! It was so sinful, topped with a salty pretzel with dark chocolate coating, there was some sweet chewy caramel layer mixed with coconut shreds. Very fragrant!

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While Penny University might be well known for its coffee blends, we really recommend you going down on a Friday/Saturday night to try their new dinner menu and get the best of both worlds!

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Penny University

Address: 402 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428997

Phone:+65 63459055

Operating Hours:

TUE-THU 8:30AM – 6:00PM FRI, SAT 8:30AM – 12:00AM SUN 8:30AM – 9.00PM



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