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Penang Assam Laksa 槟城亚参叻沙

Penang Assam Laksa 槟城亚参叻沙

Everyone can tell the distinctive difference between the Singapore laksa and Penang laksa, one is chilli red gravy and the other dark brown gravy. It is not too difficult to find good Singapore Laksa but definitely not the case for Penang assam Laksa, we are talking about real good Penang Laksa.

So far, Penang Laksa we had tried in Singapore can’t really hold the candle to the authentic Penang Laska from the native land to the north of Malaysia. Whenever we visit Penang state, it was mesmerizing of the bowl of the subtle Laksa besides the well-loved Penang Char Kway Teow. Sadly, it was almost mission impossible to recoup the mouth watering scrumptious delights when back in Singapore.

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When the Malaysia Food Street opened it door to the public at Sentosa, our expectation is high with those renowned Malaysia food stalls setting their foot here bringing with them the fine culinary skills to this island. You can find famous stalls from Malacca selling Chicken rice ball, the Kuala Lumpur claypot rice, wanton mee, Penang Char Kway Teow,  Penang Assam Laksa, Hokkien Prawn mee etc. A melting pot gathered some of the best food stalls from the north that going to hypnotize everyone who fond in Malaysia food.

Penang Assam Laksa

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One of the delights you should not miss is the authentic Penang Laksa, The Penang Assam Laksa is from Penang (isn’t that obvious?) and the mouth-watering Laksa is whipped up by Aunty Mooi, who has 20 years of experience. Under her belt, comes simmering in thick and spicy broth, generously topped with finely sliced vegetables and pineapples. The broth that pools in the bowl after blending with all the ingredients turned into a beautifully subtle balance of sour sweet, mild spicy and heartedly tastes.  The broth was not overwhelming in the taste with the right portion of prawn paste and assam added in additional to the generous fish flakes as the base to create a wonderful bowl of heavenly delight.

Finally, we can now enjoy a real good and authentic Penang Assam Laksa right here in Singapore. Yes!

Malaysia Food Street Penang assam laksa 1

Penang Assam Laksa

Adress: Resort World, Sentosa

Malaysia Food Street. (Right next to Universal Studio)



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