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Pasarbella at Grandstand Bukit Timah – A Farmers’ Market

 Pasarbella 9a

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Finally, my little brother and I have holidays that coincide with each other. As a form of a celebration, we’ve decided to go to Pasarbella for a good treat! Pasarbella is said to be the first ever multi-sensory shopping destination in Singapore, with items ranging from foods to cutlery to your daily fresh groceries – you name it. Pasarbella provides a one-stop food and lifestyle experience, all under the same roof.

Pasarbella 10a

Walking into Pasarbella, we were in awe! A step in Pasarbella brought us to an entirely new vintage and rustic country, decked in wood and earthy themed furniture and cosy orange lighting; we were like little kids at a new playground.

Pasarbella 15a

There were tons of different concept stalls selling foods of different cuisines from Spanish to Japanese, there’s a stall for everyone! My brother was initially rather reluctant when walking into Pasarbella as he was the kind to pick a plate of hokkien mee over a plate of restaurant foods (unless its fish and chips).

Le Patio

Pasarbella 1a

Seafood Paella ($13.50)

Pasarbella 4a

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It is not easy to find good Paella in Singapore, this Spanish rice dish from Le Patio has no wow effects and fairly ordinary Paella. We wish it can give more depth to the wok of rice that cooked with seafood.

Ham, Cheese and Egg Crepe ($9.50)

Pasarbella 2a

Pretty pricey for a crepe, but my brother was digging in happily as he loved how the cheese and ham went with the liquid egg yolk.

Keith Crackling Roast

Pasarbella 8a

We were initially just walking all around Pasarbella and wouldn’t have noticed this stall if not for the delightfully satisfying sound of knife against the crispy skin on the roast pork. It was at that instance we knew we had to give it a try!

Crispy Crackling, Honey Roast and Roasted Rosemary Potatoes ($18)

 Pasarbella 3a

This is perhaps the most expensive roasted meat and Char Siew we even eaten. Served with fragrant chicken rice, the supposed star of the dish (the crispy crackling roast pork slices) were a tad too dry for our liking, although we really loved the skin. That said, the meat was very lean compared to the usual ones served outside with tons of fats. The Honey Roast was sweet and we were crazy over the charred bits as it packed that extra punch! Like the crispy crackling, it was a bit on the dry side. Our favourite of the entire set has to be the rosemary potatoes as they were seasoned so well and so tender, we couldn’t find any fault with it!

James’ Butchery & Co

Pasarbella 7a

Chicken Nuggets ($6.90)

Pasarbella 6a

Bought specially with my little brother in mind, the nuggets were juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside albeit it was close to a dollar for a piece!

Probiotic Chicken Breast ($19.90)

Pasarbella 5a

By far one of the juiciest and best seasoned chicken breasts we’ve ever tried, the marinate clearly permeated through the meats. We believed the chicken was only cooked on order; hence the rather long wait which was totally worth it as the chicken was so juicy! Even my little brother who usually avoids chicken breasts at all costs gave this dish a thumb up. Need we say more? The greens were fresh and the steak fries were lovely, this is a must try!

Bonheur Patisserie

Pasarbella 12a

Pasarbella 14a

We had the Peppermint Chocolate, the Dark Chocolate and the Cookie Monster. Generally the flavours/ganache were fine, although we think that the macarons were a little on the rough side as we’ve tasted finer ones.

Pasarbella 13a

On the whole, the price is a bit on the steep side but quality is reasonable, the nice ambience is another attraction to consider visiting this place as well. We’ll definitely be back here for round two to try more of the stalls!

Pasarbella at Grandstand Bukit Timah – A Farmers’ Market
Add: 200 Turf Club Road, Singapoe 287994
Hrs: 10am – 10pm daily
Tel: 6887 0077

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