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Belinda Pancake @ Ang Mo Kio Teck Gee Food Centre

Belinda Traditional Pancake is another popular food stall besides the famous Eng Kee Bak Kut Teh in this food centre, during peak hours, the perpetual queue can have more than 30 customers waiting in line just going for this traditional snacks.

Belinda’s Pancake

Belinda Traditional Pancake serves variations of the traditional Chinese pancake or Mee Jiang Kueh, besides the thick slab and chewy version, there is thin and crispy crust as well, and you have many choices of the fillings from the popular roasted peanut, coconut, red bean, chocolate to cheese.

The thin crust pancake was baked till crispy, filling will then added and rolled into a cone shape, you have to eat while it is hot, the high humidity climate here has no mercy on its crispiness and can ruin the whole pancake into a piece of soft and rubbery sheet in a very short time.

Thin crust version

You will enjoy the crackling when bite into the thin crust biscuit, fillings are fresh and flavour are on the spot.

The thicker and chewy version pancake is equally good, fresh and generous fillings sandwiched in between the Mee Jiang Kueh, the peanut filling was nicely roasted and crushed to the perfect right size, not too coarse or too fine to the bite which is critical for a good Mee Jiang Kueh.

fresh and flavourful fillings

The coconut was equally impressive, freshly steamed coconut has a perfect sweetness and aromatic, but there is one shortcoming with the filling, just like the peanut filling, we got a mess while eating the pancake with its fillings falling all over the places!

Apart from the main stream mee jiang kueh, Belinda Traditional Pancake has the Indian dessert Putu Mayam on the menu as well. The rice flour pressed into noodle form and then steamed, grated fresh coconut and brown sugar give the layer of sweetness and flavour, honestly, we like the nice texture of the rice noodle in combination with the coconut and sugar, it would be better if the noodle can be fresh from the steamer and not pre-packed cold noodle that somehow discounted the warm and soft rice noodle of a good Putu Mayam.

Putu Mayam – nice rice noodle and fresh coconut

Our verdicts

Belinda Traditional Pancake has the right recipe to deliver a good Mee Jiang Kueh, the freshness, flavourful and generous portion of the fillings are there to entice the customers and keeping the queue intact.

A: Blk 341 Avenue 1, Teck Ghee Court Food Centre #01-27, Singapore 564341

H: Sun 6am–1pm, Mon / Thurs Closed, Tue, Wed & Fri 6am–12pm, Sat 6am–1pm

T: 9684 6155


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