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Orchard Cafe Buffet @ Orchard Hotel

The ever evolving Orchard Cafe Buffet at Orchard Hotel offers a wide variety choices from fresh seafood to sweet desserts.

Orchard Cafe Buffet @ Orchard Hotel: Review

Entrance to Orchard Cafe

Orchard Cafe buffet at Orchard Hotel has gone through few revamps with their buffet menu, the latest focused on the local Peranakan faire, Asian and local delights, Western cuisine to the fresh seafood and desserts.


Orchard Cafe Buffet Seafood selection

Seafood lovers will be able to indulge various species of crustaceans and shellfish, from clams and mussels to prawns and baby lobster, all seafood is as fresh as it gets and you can eat to your heart’s content.

More seafood from Orchard Cafe Buffet

Orchard Cafe Buffet
A selection of prawns and baby lobster

Asian and Local delights

Orchard Cafe Buffet Asian Delights

Orchard Cafe is one of the cafes serving better quality Peranakan food and local delights. Of course, not all are good, some are run-of-the-mill standard like the local roasted poultries and noodles. However, most of the dishes, especially the Nonya items, are well deserving of a thumbs up.

Orchard Cafe Buffet Crab gratin


Orchard Cafe Buffet Desserts

The stomach’s capacity is irrelevant where desserts are concerned, there is always room to be made no matter how packed! The durian pengat is a must try if you are a durian lover. The Pastries were generally acceptable though nothing was particularly impressive.

Orchard Cafe Buffet Desserts
Durian pengat and an assortment of cakes

Our verdict

From the wide range of selection to the reasonably good quality food, we were pleased with the buffet dinner at Orchard Cafe. The price may be on the high side so best is to wait for any one-for-one promotions by the credit card companies to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.


Buffet Lunch:S$49.90 (Adult); S$24.95 (Child)

Weekday Dinner: S$69.90 (Adult); S$34.95 (Child)

Weekend Dinner: S$79.90 (Adult); S$39.95 (Child)

Orchard Café at Orchard Hotel Singapore

A: 442 Orchard Road, Singapore 238879

T: +65 67347766

H: Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm. Dinner: 6pm to 10pm

FB: Orchard Hotel Singapore


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