Orange Clove – EnTHAIing moments

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Orange Clove – EnTHAIing moments

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At the entrance, we were greeted by the ladies dressed in the traditional Thai Chut Thai phra ratcha niyom, literally Thai dress of royal endorsement. Followed a traditional hand-washing ceremony, where people pour scented water filled with flowers on the hands as a sign of respect to the elders and offer them a blessing for the year. An important part of the big New Year Day celebrations in Thailand, The Songkran water festival or Thai New Year takes place from April 13 to 15, every year many people travel to Thailand to experience the traditional Thai New Year which boasts everything from water fights to spectacular processions.

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Orange Clove – the business arm of Neo Garden Catering group took the opportunity to introduce their new Thai buffet menu through the EnTHAIing moments, an event organized by Orange Clove Catering @ Gardens by the Bay Flower Fill Dome, the night the caterer unveiled the new Thai buffet menu and we got to enjoy a large the spectrum of delightful thai cuisine, some are prepared by the chefs specially flew in from the Thailand.

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Thai food is extremely popular amongst the Singaporean, the food we tasted are generally delicious, we got the choice of wide range of Thai salad to serve as a good starter for the meal and other salivating dishes that filled your appetite to the brim.  

The Kaeng Kari – The yellow curry with prawn was savory.

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Lard Gai (Minxed Chicken Salad)

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Yam Ma-Khea Yam (Long eggplant salad)

Som Tam Goong Sod (Green Papaya salad with prawn) – our best love, the mixtures of sweet, sour and spicy simply a great starter for the meal.

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Massaman Nue (Beef in Massaman curry with sweet potatoes)

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Pla Muek Thord Kra Trem Prik Thai (Fried squid with garlic & Black pepper)

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Kra Tong Thong (Minced Chicken and Sweet corn in crispy cup)

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Thai Desserts – Always our favourites

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Hainanese Chicken Rice – What? Hainanese Chicken Rice is Thai food? We got shock to see Chicken Rice stall there until Joeis told us this is one of the customer’s top favorite and Orange Clove took the opportunity to showcase their signature dish. We got to agree the chicken rice is quite good and definitely live up to be their signature dish.   

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The buffet menu comes in two versions, all served with Appetizers, Thai Salad, Hot favourites, Dessert and beverages.

DI-YI-YAM-THAI $30 per guest and minimum 30 guests

RIT-A-ROY-THAI $25 per guest and minimum 40 guests

We would like to thank Orange Clove for the invitation and Joeis Lee for her hospitality for the evening. To find out more about the new Thai buffet, do check it out at Orange Clove website for the launch date of the new menu.


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