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Onya Sayang – The Peranakan’s Flavour (CLOSED @ Paya Lebar Square)

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Onya Sayang (a mother’s love) is another franchising business from the Dulukala Peranakan restaurant, already popular for its authentic, home cooked Peranakan cuisines.

Nonya food is always one of our favorites under the influence of my parent-in-law’s baba background.

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We visited twice the restaurant within a short span of two weeks, first time to do a food review and second trip was with my parent-in-law to verify the authenticity of this Peranakan delicacy.

Located in the Paya Lebar Square which is just a stone throw from the Paya Lebar MRT, this is another new shopping mall opened its door in 2015.

Ayam Buah Keluak Fried Rice $14.90

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Stir fried rice with sambal belacan and keluak filling, onions and chilis. Modern interpretation of the traditional buah keluak dish. The rice was infused with the fragrance from the Buah Keluak with very mild spiciness. According to the restaurant, the Rempah has made from scratch and the recipe was created by the grandparents generation.

Ayam Buah Keluak $14.90

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The Buah Keluak was impressive for it pungently fragrance and delectable kernel. Chicken was very tender that fall-of-the-bone easily. The mild spiciness was much the welcome by those less tolerable of fiercely chili. Highly recommended.

Assam Seafood $15.90

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The homemade rempah dish is made of an age-old recipe passed down from the the older generation. The dish uses more than 15 ingredients to highlight the essence of the seafood which steeped in tradition, sour and mildly spicy. Another dish worth the try.

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Seafood Chilli Garam $15.90

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A special blend of freshly ground chili stir-fried with fish, prawns and squids. Besides the prawns that were a little overcooked, the baby squid was tender and nice. Love it.

Bakwan Kepeting Soup $12.90

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The flavour from soup comes from the meatball which is made up of fresh crab meat and pork – this adds a tinge of sweetness to the soup as a result.

Lor Bak Noodles $12.90

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A different interpretation of the Lor Bak dish, the dish is traditionally not made with noodles, in this case with La Mian, in an attempt to appeal to a younger crowd. It may be a good thing to attract the younger generation by twisting the tradition food to keep the paranakan food culture alive, but on the other hand, it is saddened to see the food culture at its best fragile, that younger generations to appreciate and preserve the originality of our food heritage.

Babi Ponteh $13.90

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The soy bean paste is imported from Melaka, giving it a lighter colour and less salty yet more fragrant taste than locally made ponteh. The Babi Poteh was simply alluring, it’s hearty and homely taste reminded of the most traditional Nonya flavour and that give us a good wow effect. A must order dish here.

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Beef redang $14.90

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Chucks of beef slow cooked for hours in a rich and savory made up of coconut milk and spices. The hours in the pot completely soften the beef and allow the spices fully infused into the meat. Highly recommended.

Side dishes – otah

onya nonya 9

Side dishes – achai

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Both the Otah and Sambal Belacan are homemade and ingredients for both come from Melaka and Penang respectively. The Achai was crunchy and marinated to the perfect sweetness and sourness, so appetizing that you just can’t stop eating.

Sambal Kang Kong $9.90

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Ordered twice in our second visit just to fulfill our son’s favorite dish. The sambal was not fiercely hot and relatively mild in the spiciness. Quite nice indeed if not the stems were kind of overwhelming the leafy green.

Chap chye $10.90

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Cabbage, mushrooms and black fungus cooked till completely soften, another delectable dish that we all like.

 onya nonya 16

Omelette Chincholok $9.90

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The Chincholok was served separately then blended with the omelette, eggs were fluffy and fragrance and go very well with the Chincholok.

Desserts – Gula Melaka Sago Ice Cream $5.90 or $4.90 without ice cream 

onya nonya 19

The Gula Melaka is source from Indonesia and has more distinctive fragrance and not too sweet compared to Gula Melaka from Malaysia, a scoop of coconut ice cream made a perfect touch with the sago. Another must order dessert.

Chendol Ice Cream $5.90 / $4.90 without ice cream 

onya nonya 22

This traditional deserts was topped with coconut ice cream, the ice cream gave the dessert with another dimension in the flavour. Everything was fine except the red bean was a little too hard.

onya nonya 21


Bobo Cha Cha $4.90

onya nonya 20

Onya Sayang Verdict

Our verdict, we are pleasantly surprised the hearty and homely flavour from Onya Sanyang, quoted my parent-in-law comments; it is definitely one of the better peranakan food in town.

We highly recommend the Babi Ponteh, Ayam Buah Keluak, Beef Redang and the Gula Melaka Sago Ice Cream.

Onya Sayang

Address: 4 Tampines Central 5, Tampines Mall, #B1 – K3, Singapore 529510
Telephone: +65 6783-8140
Hours: 10.30am to 9.30pm Daily





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