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Old Chang Kee Curry Puff 老曾记

Old Chang Kee Curry Puff 老曾记

We were hesitated should the review be written at all on Old Chang Kee Curry Puff,  since Old Chang Kee curry puff can be found everywhere in Singapore. It is so popular that we wonder how many Singaporeans have not tasted their curry puff at all.  As far as our memory can go, Old Chang Kee curry puff has been a common snack known to many of us, reviewing something that already well known may seem to be reluctant, but from a family with a soft spot for curry puffs, it may be good to share our thoughts.

old chang kee 2

Old Chang Kee curry puff

Started in 1956, a small stall in a coffee shop near the then Rex Cinema along Mackenzie Road. Today, Old Chang Kee has evolved from a small stall; spreading it wings with its range of snack products, including its signature curry puffs, throughout the island. From the retail outlets at petrol kiosks / MRT stations to shopping malls and practically many of the town centres, making the snack shop a convenient local fast food chain in Singapore.

old chang kee 1

Many of us with have the fond memories of the curry puffs, the palatable puffs packed with the curry potatoes, chicken, slice of egg and the spices and herbs once won many of our hearts for years. Over the years, with the growth of the business, Old Chang Kee curry puff has tried to evolve and attune the taste to suit the public. The change was especially distinct in the level of spiciness, we have been eating Old Chang Kee curry puff since the old day (not from 1956 of course, we are not that old), perhaps you will agree the spiciness of the chili had been toned down. Fortunately, the taste wise has not deviated too much from the old day recipe; the puff skin is still equally good with a nice aroma and perfect crispiness.

Old Chang Kee curry puff may not be the best curry puff in Singapore when it comes to taste and aroma; however, the easy accessibility to the puffs and the acceptable quality is definitely making Old Chang Kee one of the most popular curry puffs in this island.

It will continue to be a common snack for many of us just like any of the fast food chain, not burger but curry puff.

old chang kee curry puff

Old Chang Kee curry puff

Refer to for the location

(Branches everywhere in Singapore, look around and you will find one for sure)

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