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No Name Cheng Tng @ Bedok South

No Name Cheng Tng @ Bedok South

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We have the famous “No signboard” as the shop’s name and now “No Name” surfaced out as the stall’s name. No Name Cheng Tng peculiar approach may be taken as another marketing gimmick but its work to attract the attention of the man on the street.

No Name Cheng Tng occupies a stall in a coffeeshop at Bedok South selling the popular “cooling soup”, the stall has making themselves a name for selling cheap and good hot and cold Cheng Tng, how is it fair against our favorite from Ye Lai Xiang from Bedok Corner?

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The hot weather warrant a bowl of icy cold Cheng Tng and the layer of crushed floating ice cube psychological cool us down instantly. The Cheng Tng come with Gingko nuts, white fungus, dried persimmon, sweet potatoes, glutinous rice balls and dried Longans. The clear soup was a tad of sweet but luckily the fragrance was acceptable.

However, the quality of the ingredients used obviously a distinct difference from the superior ingredients used at Ye Lai Xiang, though we have to keep reminding ourselves the disparity in the pricing between the two as well. A bowl of Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng can cost you minimum of $2.50 versus a $1.60 a bowl at No Name Cheng Tng, so may not be a fair deal to compare the  two.

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Besides the difference in the quality ingredients used, the utensil used by No Name Cheng Tng was made of Melamine bowl which may not be too appealing compared to the clear glass bowl by Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng. The visually pleasing clear glass bowl somehow has the additional cooling effect but again, there is a price to pay for.

Overall, No Name Cheng Tng may not be score well for its less succulent ingredients used but if considered the much cheaper price you paid, it is still a bowl of Cheng Tng that worth the value.
No Name Cheng Tng

Add: Springleaf Eating House, Blk 69 Bedok South Ave 3, Singapore 460069

Hrs: Mon 2pm-8.30pm, Tue to Sun 12pm-8.30pm

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