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Newton Big Prawn Noodles – Love it ! 纽顿天香大虾面 (分行)

Newton Big Prawn Noodles – Love it ! 纽顿天香大虾面 (分行)

newton big prawn noodles 2

Our original plan was to hunt for the famous Roti Prata in this coffeeshop but surprisingly found the famous Newton Big Prawn Noodles present in the same premise as well, naturally no reason to miss it out, we ordered both the dry and soupy version for comparison.

newton big prawn noodles 4

We opted for the mixture of yellow noodles and white bee hoon for both the dry and soup version. The noodle mixture gives the best of both the taste and texture, at least not the ailing feeling of over cloying from the yellow noodle or the monotonous taste just from the white bee hoon.

newton big prawn noodles 5

Both the yellow noodles and white bee hoon were cooked to provide a pleasing texture, not too soggy or too stiff to the bite. The palatable chilli sauce and the seasoning for the dry version very much accentuated the tastefulness of the noodle. However, it was the exquisiteness of the soup to perfect the bowl of impressive prawn noodle, the medley of sweetness and fragrance found in the soup was kind of alluring to the taste buds, this is where you don’t taste the fishiness from the stewed prawn shell and what we like the most.

newton big prawn noodles 6

Overall, very good prawn noodles in our opinion, we started with one bowl of dry prawn noodle to try and our glutton son practically guzzled down everything. In the end we had three bowls of prawn noodles on the table and the glutton family wolf down everything served in the bowls with great satisfaction.

 newton big prawn noodles 1a

Newton Big Prawn Noodles

Address: Soon Soon Lai Eating House, 32 Defu Lane 10 s539213

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat: 06:00 – 23:00, Sun: 06:00 to Noon   






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