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New Ubin Seafood Restaurant

New Ubin Seafood restaurant @ Sin Ming, Westernized Cze Char

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Once upon a time, strolling down Chek Jawa beach at the low tides to discover the vibrant marine life at this nature paradise, followed by the charge up at the nearby Ubin seafood was ideologically the plan for a trip to Pulau Ubin. However, with the acquisition of Pulau Ubin by the government, Ubin Seafood has chosen to settle at the main island and renamed to New Ubin Seafood.

New Ubin seafood has its sheer size by occupying the whole of coffee shop located at the Sin Ming industrial park. Not an idea location for its inaccessibility from public transport and surrounded by the car repair workshops as well as many deregistered vehicles. My son – a supercar fan is elated to find one of the rare old supercars – an American Murica Pt 2 at the roadside!

For New Ubin seafood, the move has been a revolutionary one, from serving up kampong-style seafood and cze char to integrate the American, French, Italian and Indian touch into the menu, setting a new era from the tradition.

US Black Angus Ribeye Steak $12/100 grams

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Finding this 100% American dish in a zi cha stall is kind of a cultural shock, apparently to lure the younger generation, this western dish has since become one of the signature dishes here. Served with caramelized onion, Idoho potato wedge and sea salt flakes, not too bad overall with its tender and juicy beef.

Signature Meat Platter $50

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Combination of 10 pork or Chicken satay sticks, NZ lamb ribs (add $5) or Kurobuta pork with smoked duck breast. The price is quite steep for the portion served. The satay was ordinary and nothing to shout about, pork and smoked duck breast were commendable with its tender and savory flavour.

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Foie Gras Egg Special $9 / cup

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Charcoal grilled Foie Gras was soaked in the soft boiled egg topped with truffle salt and served in a coffee cup…hmmm…a weird combination. The Foie Gras was divinely delicious but seriously, is it a need to immerse the delicacy in the egg?

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Hokkien mee Special $12 / $24

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The term should carry some weight for the dish and expectation of the customers is generally high, unfortunately, the dish was bland and uninspired, we think it could add more depth to the broth to make it tastier and not an insipid plate of Hokkien mee.

Boss Fried Mee Hoon $8 / $14 / $16

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The bee hoon was intentionally over fried till it turned brown and charred, we can taste the charred flavour but the seasoning was characterless, it was ordinary and do not leave you with any impressive.

Claypot Rice $12 / $18 / $24

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Maybe the crowd was overwhelming on the day and the chef could have under tremendous pressure to rush out the orders, the claypot rice was not able to stimulate our taste buds.

Brinjal Delight $12 / $18

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Caramelized egg plant with sweet and sour sauce, this is one of the highlights of the day with its ravishingly tasty concoction.

Hong Kong Kai Lan Special $12 / $16

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Aesthetically pleasing and add a different dimension to the taste with the heavy dousing of seaweed over the veggie.

Kang Kong $8 / $12 / $16

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Knowing it is not their speciality but we ordered this dish for our son who is always mad about fried sambal kang kong. It turned out just what we expect, a fairly ordinary fried kang kong. A little more punch on the spiciness could make thing much better.

Omelette $10 / $14 / $18

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Another dish solely ordered for our son, nothing exceptional that worth to mention here.

New Ubin Seafood Restaurant Our verdict:

New Ubin Seafood’s strategy combining the East and West fusion dishes together with their innovative ideas of twisting the dishes to give another dimension have won many hearts over. Though not every dish is up to the mark and there are some misses, some dishes are still worth the try.

Recommended dishes are Binjal Delight, Foie Gras Egg, Kai Lan and perhaps the beef steak.

New Ubin Seafood restaurant

Address: Block 27 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A #01-174, Singapore 575680

Telephone: 6466 9558

Hours: Daily 11.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm


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