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New Market Teochew Braised Duck Rice 新吧刹潮州鹵鴨飯

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New Market Teochew Braised Duck Rice 新吧刹潮州鹵鴨飯

The sheen of the fatty ducks hanged at the stall seems to be reckoning the crowd to savour the birds for its flavour infused meat, the undeniable fact from the perpetual queue was the best testimonial to acknowledge the seduction and that prompted us for our return to verify the hype of this stall.

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New Market Teochew Braised Duck selling an array of braised food, besides the anchor McCoy duck meat, other on display includes the braised items like pork, pig ears, tau kwa, eggs, intestines, liver etc. Many patrons had in fact ordered the offal but this is not so much of our liking and we decided to focus on the duck.

We ordered the duck rice for one and add on Tau Kway and eggs that cost $4.90.

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The Duck gravy was the watery type than the starchy or gooey type, adhering to the traditional authentic Teochew style braised duck. Gravy is the soul of a good braised duck and the outcome could break or make the dish, the gravy was tasted a tab of saltiness with very mild herb flavour, simple and unpretentious.

Duck meat was thinly sliced and absorbed the essence of the gravy, analysis of the meat texture clearly shown coarse cross sectional pattern, good braised duck meat should be smooth and densely fine, New Market Teochew Braised Duck looks like not yet fully mastered the braising technique to achieve the perfect texture.

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Accompanying Chili sauce was made of finely chopped chili, garlic, vinegar and lime, dipping chili sauce is as important as the gravy or duck meat, a perfect chili sauce should have the right spiciness, sourness and a tab of sweetness, New Market Teochew Braised Duck chili sauce is probably one of the best amongst all the chili sauce we have tasted so far.

The rice was not the braised rice or yam rice but ordinary white rice but slathered with the gravy which was appetizing and moreish.

Our verdict:

Though the duck meat may be not as fine as we hoped for, but the savoury gravy, tender duck meat and the die for chili sauce could well make up the slight coarse texture of the meat. All in all, New Market Teochew Braised Duck Rice is still the place worth to go for a good duck rice.

New Market Teochew Braised Duck Rice

Add: Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-84 Alexandra Village Food Centre, Singapore 150120

Hrs: 11am to 3pm or when sold out, Closed on Thursday and Friday

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