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Food review: Nara Thai Cuisine @ Ion Orchard

Nara Thai cuisine Restaurant @ Ion Orchard

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Nara Thai Cuisine knows how to take the full advantage of being voted one of the best Thai restaurants in Singapore to power up the mileage. The serving of authentic Thai food with fresh quality ingredients targets the higher end of the market, setting at the ION Orchard was not infused too much of Thai elements but in a comfortably cosy environment.

Phunim Phad Pong Karee 19.9

Stir-fried soft shell crab smothered in yellow curry

Nara Thai 1

The highly raved about Nara Thai Cuisine signature dish, reminiscent the famous yellow curry crabs in Bangkok, the rich and creamy yellow curry was tamed in spiciness but tangy enough to entice most of your appetite, however, my expectation underpinning for something more subtle in taste, more tangy perhaps.

Pla Kra Pong Nung Manao 32.9

Steam sea bass with chili lime sauce

Nara Thai 5

Freshness of the sea bass was unquestionable but it was the perfect balancing of the sweetness, sourness and spiciness from the seasoning, coupled with its perfect texture and the profusion of exotic flavours make it among the most lovable dish of the day.

Tom Yum Kung 19.9

Nara Thai 4

Tiger prawns in spicy lemongrass and lime soup Tom Yum, this iconic Thai national favourite infused a mild and tamer twist, its hopeful a rounded sweet, sour and spicy flavour that made the taste buds tingling but missing a notch of wow in the overall taste. Two sizable tiger prawns was not usual in Tom Yum but it also reflects on the price as well.

Yum Ma Muang Kung 13.9

Nara Thai 2

Green mango / pomelo salad with prawns is fairly ordinary and perhaps what it is supposed to be and what you will experience from the taste of the typical Thai street food.

Gai Phad Kra Pao 13.9

Nara Thai 3

Stir fried chicken with chili and hot basil, simple dish but not easy of getting it right, the basil leaf plays the centre stage and slight unbalanced in the amount used could swing the taste significantly, it could make or break the dish served, fortunately the chef has a good grip of the taste of basil and overall flavour was acceptable.

Kao Neaw Ma Muang Lek / Yai 6.9 / 9.9

Nara Thai 6

Mango and sticky rice with coconut milk, mango was firm and sweet, perfect pairing with the glutinous rice doused with coconut milk.

Our verdict:

Nara Thai Cuisine has the quintessential of Thai aroma in most of the dishes, there are some duds but important thing is that most of the dishes work though a bit tame but evidently Thai.


Nara Thai Cuisine

A: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #B3-21, Singapore 238801

H: daily 11am – 9.30pm

T: +65 66345787




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