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Nando @ Bugis Junction

Located at Bugis Junction, Nando’s specialises in serving Portuguese grilled chicken glazed with different levels of homemade spicy sauce according to one’s preference. They had 4 levels of spiciness to meet the individual heat tolerance level, from the Least Hot, Mild, Hot and the Extra Hot for the chili lovers.

We were looking for a place for lunch and JiaQi suggested Nando’s who is a big fan of the chicken and the spicy sauce here, however, my son YuSen was quite reluctant to step into the restaurant since chicken is not at all his favourite, caught in the dilemma, in the end we have to drag him into the seat.

Ice Chocolate $3.90

Ice Chocolate

Low grade of coco powder and you can forget about it this drink totally. Yusen gulped down the drink in one go and his remark made on the drink best conclude the standard, “I would rather suffered the few seconds of agony than taking small sips and tortured by the drink throughout the meal.”

Crimson Soda $4.90

Crimson soda

Mix of soda and pomegranate juice with seeds of pomegranate fruits in the drink. My two kids like this flavour and refreshing drink.

Chicken Wrap $13.90 (+2 Sides) Coleslaw And Wedges

Chicken wrap

The shredded chicken combined with the vegetable in the wrap created a nice combination that is palatable.

¼ Chicken $14 (+2 Sides) French Fries and Wedges

French fries and wedges

Chicken is Nando’s specialty and has to be good, fortunately the chicken was tender and juicy, seasoning was well permeated into the meat through the overnight marinating process, the bird was then nicely grilled to perfection and the chicken is tantalizing with the Peri-Peri sauce that exudes a tangy taste for this African and Portuguese chicken.

Grilled Chicken Tenders $10.90 (+2 Sides) Spicy Rice and Wedges

Grilled Chicken Tenders

There are hardly any distinct differences for the chicken here; it is just the twist of different parts of the bird eg. Breast, thigh, wings and present in a different formats.

Chicken Butterfly $17.90 (+2 Sides) French Fries and Wedges

Chicken Butterfly

The free flow of spice sauce is a huge attraction to JiaQi, she probably consumed more spicy sauce than the portion of the chicken, the sauce is undeniably addictive with its nice blend of sourness and spiciness, we all agreed it went well with the grilled chicken and definitely contributed to the glory of Nando’s success.


Nando’s Verdict :

If you are looking for a good grilled chicken meal, Nando could be a place for consideration, however, the grilled chicken may be good but the service standard was somehow disappointing, The frown facial expression on the service crews made the atmosphere a little uninviting and you have to prepare the cold shoulder from the seemingly angry crews. Our call was much ignored even a few of them were not in their chores at that moment. So, are you willing to succumb to the poor service standard or to enjoy the reasonably delicious birds?

Nando’s Singapore Details :

Address: #01-85/87, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, 188021
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Phone: 63386555


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