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Nam Seng Noodles and Fried Rice 南生

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Nam Seng Noodles and Fried Rice 南生

Remember the Cantonese Old Granny that churned out plate after plate of scrumptious wanton mee from the stall next to the old National Library at Stamford road?  With the redevelopment of the site, the stall has since found a new place and now relocated to China Street at Far East Square about a decade ago.

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The famous wanton mee is now served from a clean or neat shop compared to the old hawker stall. Though now operating from a modernised shop in downtown area, the icon of the old stall, the old granny is still there faithfully welcoming her loyal patrons at the front desk of the shop; there is no trace of retirement even if she is way over the retirement age. We can see the virtues of the older generation, the belief of working hard and slog through the life to earn a living and provide a better life for the family.

The shop is now managed by her family and the old granny has since transferred her culinary skills to them. This is great because we can be sure the old recipe will be kept alive for the next generation to enjoy the good food passing down from the older generations.

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The wanton mee was topped with the traditional char siew (roasted pork) and the green vegetable. The char siew was fairly ordinary, it was nicely roasted with a perfect texture to the bite, however, the taste was featureless and may be that is the purpose of keeping the char siew as the complementary topping so not to take away the shine of the noodle.

The wanton was not too inspiring; lacking of the much needed flavour and the soup was quite bland as well.


The real star of the Nam Seng is truly with the noodles, from the incredible flavourful seasoning to the perfectly cooked texture, the noodles were simply lip-smacking. That helps explain how the old granny recipe was able to win many of the fans, who keep coming back to enjoy the luscious noodles.

While we finished our meal and passed by the shop’s front deck, we can see the old granny still there happily taking the orders from the patrons. In our heart, we all know if Nam Seng is famous for its palatable wanton mee, the credit has to be given to the old granny at the front desk but behind the scene. 

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Nam Seng Noodles & Fried rice

(formerly @ Stamford Road National Library)

Address: 25 China Street #01-01 Far East Square, Singapore 049567

Tel: 64385669    HP: 96896288


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