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Mr Berlin – German Street Food in Singapore

Mr Berlin – German Street Food in Singapore 

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When Josephine sent us the invitation to taste the German Street Food, the sausage or currywurst from Mr. Berlin, first thing that flashed through our mind was the popular Erich’s Wuerstelstand  – the Austrian Hawker selling German sausages at the Chinatown, he is one of the few successful  “Ang Mo” hawkers that make themselves a name selling their home staple food in Singapore.

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Mr Berlin specialises in selling German currywurst in Singapore. “Wurst” in German means sausage, so currywurst means curry sausage here. The eating kiosk is located at the ground level of 1 Shenton Way and right in the city area. The kiosk has a non-air conditioned void deck sheltered area with a sizable sitting area.

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Mr Berlin offers two types of sausages – Pork and Chicken. Customers can then customize the spiciness of three level from mild (Berlin Calling) to moderate (go West) and fiercely hot (Break the Wall) if you want to test your limit. We did have a dip of the “Break the wall” and is still bearable with the spiciness.  

Cheese Sausage $9.80

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A warm, comforting sliced pork sausage stuffed with cheese and grilled to a slight charred, it has a mix of tangy flavour, dip the sausage into the mustard and its was simply awesome.

Hot Dog “Special” $9.50

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A Nuernberger veal sausage topped with ketchup, minced onions and curry powder, on a freshly baked organic bread roll. The foot long hot hog was toasted to have slight crisp outside but chewy interior and certainly an enjoyable meal for us.

Classic Fries “Red/White” $3.50 upsize for $1

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Sausage and French fried seems to make a good pairing. The French fries served with ketchup and mayonnaise which lend the dish its name. In Germany, this classic is known as “pommes rot/weiss”.

Curry Fries “Special” $5.50

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The French fries was topped with curry powder and minced onions, the homemade curry-ketchup and mayonnaise was not drenched over the French Fried to make it too soggy and allowed us truly to enjoy the fragrance of the French fried. The curry powder and minced onions added the extra zest to the French fried and you just can’t stop eating it.

Freshly Baked Organic Farmer’s Bread $2.00

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A staple in German households, this bread is famous for its flavour and heft, and freshly baked every day from organic ingredients. Seriously, if you are particular about bread and know how to appreciate good bread, this freshly baked organic bread should be something ones should not be missed. We love the slight crisp outside and the chewiness texture. Honestly, we just fall in love with it but remember to eat it while it is hot from the oven.

Our verdict, the price may be considered slightly steep but we think this is a nice chill out place with friends or colleagues after work, what you need to do is to have some good German sausages, bread roll or classic French fried with a mug of soothing German beer, sit down, relax and enjoy a good chat in the fickle of the candle light.  Life isn’t that beautiful?

Mr Berlin

Add: #01-09, 1 Shenton Way, Singapore 068803

Tel : 65 9384 8728

Hrs: Mon to Fri 11am to 10pm, closed on Sat & Sun


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