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Mouth Restaurant Singapore -地茂馆 Savory nostalgic dim sum

Mouth Restaurant Singapore –地茂Savory nostalgic dim sum

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What is the different between a modern dim sum and a nostalgic taste dim sum? A distinctive difference is the taste of artificial and natural. So, when a dim sum created in the most traditional, natural and healthy way and yet tasty, isn’t that going to enliven foodies like us?

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Thanks Daniel for the invitation and we got the chance to taste the launch of their nostalgic dim sum.

久逢甘露Dumpling With Bird Nest & Hasma In Double Boiled Chicken Soup

冬瓜鸡汤底, 缘色包燕窝鸡茸,橙色包雪哈蟹肉

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The double boiled chicken soup was full with sweetness and yet no discernible thick layer of oil floating on top of the soup. The bowl of soup came with two dumplings, a green one made of spinach juice and wrapped with bird nest and Hasma, both are nourishing ingredients great for the ladies. The orange one is made of carrot juice and wrapped with crabmeat. It was a light and refreshing starter for our meal.


黄金扎Braised Beancurd Skin Roll With Chicken Meat ,Mushroom ,Fish Maw & Luncheon Meat


Mouth restaurant 8

We like the choice of the ingredients which was well balance in the overall taste and texture. Do douse the chicken stock over the wrap to elevate the taste further, we never allowed a single drop of the stock gone into waste as it contained the essence from all the ingredients.

精雕玉琢Steamed Hairy Gourd With Chicken Minced Meat ,Water Chestnut & Conpoy In Oyster Sauce


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The hairy gourd was soft and tender, it natural sweetness can be fully appreciated in every mouthful of our bite, the chicken minced meat with water chestnut and conpoy created a very good blend with the hairy gourd, this is a unique dim sum not too common out there.


干蒸鸡卖 Steamed Chicken Siew Mei With Mushroom ,Asparagus ,Medlar & Yam Bean



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Chicken Siew Mai usually not as tasty as those made of pork meat, naturally quite a challenge for the chef to create something that is unsurpassed to the pork Siew Mai, but surprisingly, the chef able to twist the ingredients and made it impressively lip smacking.

卧虎藏龙(锦鹵云吞)Deep Fried Dumpling With Fresh Prawn & Char Siew In Sweet & Sour Sauce

叉烧,鮮虾,青黄椒,番茄,糖醋汁, 云吞皮

Mouth restaurant 10

The dumpling was wrapped with fresh prawn filling and deep fried to achieve a crispy exterior, definitely a welcome dish for the kids. My son wiped out most of it and I am sure he has no issue with the second serving. For the adults, it will be ideal to go with the sweet and sour sauce to fully appreciate the goodness in the succulent dish.

Mouth restaurant 9

那些年水晶包Steamed Trio Crystal Dumpling With Wild Fungus


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You can taste three different fillings in each colour of crystal dumpling, from wild fungus, seafood and mixture of the two, each dumpling presented with its unique character and the enjoyment of the delectable taste. Nice!


蜂巢凤尾虾Deep Fried Prawn With Taro In Oyster Sauce


 Mouth restaurant 5

The battered taro was deep fried to attain a light crisp skin and yet soft internally, every bite shattered the yam coating into pieces, the aromatic of the yam was distinct and terrific. You not even need to dig into the special mushroom sauce to enjoy this luscious dish.

富贵黄金甲Pan Fried Glutinous Rice & Sauteed Wild Mushroom With XO Sauce


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This dish was so good that we keep talking about it even on our way home! Pan Fried glutinous rice wrapped with dried shrimp, mushroom and meat, the fragrance of the ingredients and the soft and yet light crisp glutinous rice with the slight charred flavour truly tantalizing. The Sauteed mushroom XO sauce was heavenly delectable and a perfect pairing with the glutinous rice.


焗流沙包 Baked Cream Of Salted Egg Yolk Bun

 Mouth restaurant 12

Not the traditional thick skin soft white bun that filled with salted egg yolk, the Liu Sau Pau here was baked to give the skin a little crisp for a nice texture, the salted egg yolk filling was saturated with the fragrance of the butter, every bite was so good that even we already full to the brim but we don’t really mind to stretch the stomach just to contain few more!


Our verdict, unless you have a Sumo type of appetite, the 9 course dim sum at the price of $19.90 net (Purchase from Qoo10 and $24.80 walk-in price) is worth for the value, satisfy your appetite and fill your stomach.


As what my Mum-in-law said, “The dim sum is unique, not too salty and oily, healthy and nice.”

My son commented “Daddy & Mummy, the glutinous rice is damned good and I actually hope to have your shares.”

My wife Hui Ping said “We should have packed home a box or two Liu Sau Pau.”

The positive comments from the three generations aren’t that the best endorsement for this Nostalgia dim sum?



This set menu is available to both Plaza Singapura (daily for lunch and dinner) and China Square Central (daily for lunch) except for Sunday and PH lunch.


Mouth Restaurant Singapore –地茂Savory nostalgic dim sum

China Square Central Branch

Add: 22 Cross Street #01-61 China Square Central South Bridge Court Shop House Singapore 048421

Tel: 6438 5798 , Fax: 6438 5623

Hrs: Open daily including 1st and 2nd day of CNY

Weekday – 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm

PH & Weekend – 10am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm

Plaza Singapura Branch

Add: 68 Orchard Road #02-01 Plaza Singapura Singapore 238839

Tel: 6337 7446, Fax: 6337 8144

Hrs: Open daily including 1st and 2nd day of CNY

31st Jan – 11am to 11pm 1st Feb – 10am to 11pm

Weekday – 11.30am to 4pm, 6pm to 10pm

Friday – 11.30am to 4pm, 6pm to 11pm

Saturday – 10am to 11pm Sunday – 10am to 10pm




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