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Mookalicious mookata Thai BBQ and steamboat

Mookalicious mookata Thai BBQ and steamboat

Enough of Korea BBQ? How about a change to Moonkata – the Thai BBQ and steamboat?

The Thai BBQ is seemed gaining a firm footage here and never failed to make their presence felt by many. From shophouse to shopping malls and the coffeeshop, Mookata is now on the upward trend line with its popularity picking up like never before.

mookalicious 1

Mookata or the Thai BBQ is best enjoyed in the non air conditioned environment, at least not to be drowned by the smoke and smell that generated from the metal grill. Different from Korean BBQ which uses a hotplate fired up with electricity or butane gas cartridge to grill the food, Thai BBQ uses charcoal or butane gas cartridge AND it usually comes with a steamboat feature, so to allow you to enjoy the grilling of food at the same time the steamboat.

We were invited to the latest Mookata new player – Mookalicious to check out the food. Mookalicious occupies a stall in an elevated coffeeshop, the place is airy and clean, don’t worry, not the hot and humid coffeeshop we used to be.

mookalicious 9

The dome sharp copper steamboat is where the BBQ takes place, few pieces of the pork lard cube were placed on the tip of the dome, when the heat start building up, the heat melt the lard and that lubricate the surface to prevent stick of meat to the metal. Many small grooves on the dome are to channel the juices produced from the seafood and meat during BBQ to the trough, the essence of the meat and seafood never go into waste but help to boost the flavour of the stock, at the end, you get to enjoy a pot of stock infused with all the sweetness.

mookalicious 2

We were served with the set menu (Platter for 2 at @25.80 or 4 for $38.90), with the addition A la carte includes the scallop, oyster, prawn stick, sliced abalone and pork collar.

mookalicious 10

mookalicious 3

Mookalicious offers set menu which served with assortment of seafood and meat. The ingredients were very fresh and with good quality, not the “cheapo” type for sure, the prawns were big and meat was thinly sliced with light seasoning or no seasoning to retain the natural flavour. Amongst all, we actually love the lemongrass seasoned pork with the nice lemongrass flavour, it was lovely.

mookalicious 11

mookalicious 4

The dome shape posed some challenges to keep the BBQ items in place, many times our beautifully BBQ piece of meat just slides into the trough and drenched with the stock and ruined our hard work! “!” “oops!” “Sxxt!” You can hear all the curse and swear.

mookalicious 6

Pot of delicious BBQ seafood and meat.

mookalicious 8

We were given three types of chilli, the traditional Thai sweet and sour chili, sweet and spicy chili and the super hot chili that fiercely hot as your choice of dipping.

mookalicious 5

Can you smell the fragrance of the seafood and the meat?

mookalicious 7

Our verdict, it was a cooling Friday night, there was no sweating from the environment or the heat from the grill eating the Thai BBQ steamboat, it was the grilling process and eating the salivating food with my family that truly make the night so fulfilling and enjoyable. Looking for a good chill out place with friends or family, we think Mookalicious can be a good choice.


Mookalicious mookata Thai BBQ and steamboat
Add: 17 Lorong Kilat, Kilat Court, The Chicken House, Singapore 598139

Tel: 9898 1216

Hrs: 5pm – 12 am daily




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