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[CLOSED] Montreux Jazz Café Singapore – Passionate Music and Fine-Dining

Montreux Jazz Café Singapore 


Montreux Jazz Festival – The legendary musical festival from the small resort town of Swiss which lead to the birth of Montreux Jazz Café international chain. The cafe offers upscale dining in a music-filled atmosphere and is now present in cities such as Geneva, London, Paris, and Abu Dhabi.


Singapore Montreux Jazz Café is the latest addition and resides at the bustling Orchard area right at the Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel at Claymore road.


The cafe can accommodate up to 400 to 500 guests in the multi-concept set up, the indoor features the Opulent, classic and eclectic. Coloured-window panes suffused an effect under the lightings for a lively atmosphere to the place. Live band performance and the center stage housed the wine and beer bar serving premium drinks.


Al fresco dining and a grand dining room decorated with a plethora of Jazz-inspired memorabilia for different needs.


Delicate food, premium wine and music may be described as festive, resonant to the originality of the Jazz festival.


Sinnerman 18


Named after one of the Nina Simone’s famous song, the drink consist of Vodka, Cinnamon, Lemon juice, Sweet vermouth, and caramelized apple.

Refreshing cocktail to start the meal.

Roasted Tomatoes Soup 13

Grilled goat cheese, basil pistou


The grilled goat cheese added a lovely warmth to the tomatoes soup, it complements well the sour-sweet spicy soup and set off the taste buds for a gastronomical treat.

Char-grilled Colorado Lamb Rack 58

Szechuan peppercorn, Cilantro Pesto, Cucumber-mint raita


The first signature dish was simply divine, it took consummate skill not to overcook the lamb, the distinctive fragrance instantly hit all the senses and the delicacy crafted by the ingenious chef could be felt in every bite.


Roasted Prawn Tail 36

New potatoes, seasonal vegetables, Chimichurri sauce


The roasted prawns were masterfully done, the almost perfect texture, juicy and the sweetness from the oceanic crustaceans with Chimichurri sauce made a perfect pairing for this lip-smacking dish.

BB Cheese Burger 28

Aged cheddar, garden salad, Montreux jazz sauce and french fries


A thick slab of premium beef marinated exceptionally well and grilled to perfection, doused with the Montreux jazz sauce produced a burger that was packed with intriguing complexity and depth of flavour.

Quincy Jones Roast Chicken 32

Marinated “A La Quincy Jones”, potatoes wavers


Named after one of the greatest American icons in the entertainment arena, the Quincy Jones Roast Chicken was reminscent of the legendary figure. The roasted chicken aroma filled the air the moment it arrived on the table, as you inhale deep to appreciate the intense in the flavour before you are sold to its juicy texture and bold taste. We know for sure, we completely succumbed to this pleasing flavourful delicacy that was hyped up by the Montreux Jazz Cafe.


Cheese cake 13


We were devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure with the goodness of the Cheesecake. It was fulfillment in every spoonful.

Mont Blanc 15


Mont Blanc is a dessert of puréed, sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream. Chestnut custard, caramelized chestnut, dark chocolate crumble, lemon meringue to give another dimension to the flavour.

Our verdict 

The Montreux Jazz Café was born influenced by Claude Nobs’ passion for music and fine dining. You might like about a place for its epicurean, unpretentious ambience or presentation, and at the end of the day, all this could all be summed up in the experience at Montreux Jazz Café.



A: Pan Pacific Orchard, 10 Claymore Road
Singapore – 229540 Singapore

T: +65 6733 0091


Monday to Sunday: 12.00pm to 3.00pm

Monday to Sunday: 6.00pm to 11.00pm

Sunday to Thursday: 12.00pm to 12.00am 
Friday and Saturday: 12.00pm to 1.00am

www: http://www.montreuxjazzcafe.com/en/cafe/singapore


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