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REVIEW: Mongkok Dim Sum @ East Coast Road 旺角點心

Mongkok Dim Sum store front

Mongkok Dim Sum @ East Coast Road 旺角點心

Mongkok Dim Sum has earned quite a few rave reviews over the years though they may not be as popular as Swee Choon. The outlet at East Coast road is air conditioned with a simple interior setup similar to a coffee shop. No service charge helps to keep the price affordable. The outlet serves traditional Hong Kong Dim Sum and simple Zi Char dishes.

House Special Prawn Dumpling ($3.80)

Mongkok Dim Sum 3

Prawn dumpling or har gow. Seriously, after previous disappointing experiences, we would not have ordered this dish if it were not their house specialty. So, how will Mongkok’s prawn dumpling fare?

We were pleasantly surprised, the prawn dumpling actually impressed us with its paper thin wrap and the succulent juicy shrimp. A good one living up to its status as the house speciality.

Mongkok’s Pork Dumpling ($3.80)

Mongkok Dim Sum 7

Better known as siew mai, this is another one of the house specialities at Mongkok Dim Sum, the filling was well seasoned with quality ingredients. One of the better siew mai worth ordering.

Steamed Pork Belly Bun ($7.00)

Mongkok Dim Sum 6

The pork belly was uninspiring with its bog standard seasoning and lack of the tender texture. A dish we don’t recommend.

Shanghai Pork Dumpling ($3.80)

Mongkok Dim Sum 11

Good xiao long bao comes with fragrant filling wrapped with a sweet and salivating soup in a bubbly soft dough skin. Unfortunately we were not able to experience all the goodness of a good dumpling here.

Mongkok Dim Sum 10

The fun of the savoury juices bursting into your mouth from the dumpling was missing, and neither the taste nor the texture were able to excite our tastebuds.

Seafood Hor Fun ($6.00)

Mongkok Dim Sum 4

The flat noodle was well infused with charred aroma, what a pity the gravy doused over it was missing the right seasoning to bring up the overall flavour of a good hor fun.

Frog Porridge ($8.50)

Mongkok Dim Sum 9

The frog porridge could not differentiated from most of the ordinary frog porridge out there. A good porridge relies on the smooth texture and richness of the rice grains, too watery or gluey textures affect the overall tastefulness. Mongkok has some gaps to fill for the porridge’s texture and the seasoning.

Our verdict on Mongkok Dim Sum

There are hits and misses at Mongkok Dim Sum, however, the house specialities could provide you the assurance of some good quality dim sum and are good picks when dining here.

Mongkok Dim Sum

East Coast outlet

A: 197 East Coast Road, Singapore 428910

H: Mon – Sun [11am – 12.30am]

T: 91918829 / 84848829 (East Coast)


Geylang outlet

A: 214 Geylang Road, Singapore 389274

H: Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 5am, Monday to Friday: 4pm – 5am


Cash & Credit Cards Accepted, GST included. No other service charges


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