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MojoBurps Tanjong Katong – coffeeshop at day and café at night (CLOSED)

You will never even find this cafe during the day and you will never expect this is a cafe at night.

With a little tweak with simply make shift curtain and furniture, Mojoburps cleverly transforms a traditional and ordinary corner coffeeshop with various hawker food stalls selling local dishes into a cafe at night attracting even the ‘Ang Moh” patronizing the cafe.

Mojoburps 1

If you wonder is it the same hot and humid coffeeshop environment, seriously, you can put your mind at ease, we don’t find the environment unpleasant at all with its open air non-air condition ambience.

Mojoburps cafe boosting more than 180 craft beer from all over the world, more are expected to add on to the list. With so many choices available and honestly speaking, we were in the dilemma but the boss – Jason came to our rescue by introducing their house pour of the night.

Mojoburps 2

The craft beer was a great recommendation and I enjoy the fruity sweetness and the light bitterness of the beer.

Jia Qi opted for the Sweden number one cider which is refreshing, the 4% alcohol was mild and never made her tipsy.

Mojoburps 4


Spam fries ($8.90)

 Mojoburps 3

Who don’t like Luncheon meat especially battered and deep fried to attain a crispy coating, best snack to go with the beer. My son has no mercy and he whacked down practically most of the strips in the basket.


Chicken wings ($7.90 for 6 pcs)

 Mojoburps 6

One of the good snacks to pair with beer, the wings were coated and deep fried and you can enjoy the crispiness and fragrance of the golden brown crust, however, we found the seasoning not able to permeate into the meat and tasted plain internally.


Chicken Thigh Thai Salad ($11.90)

 Mojoburps 5

Fresh Green Salad and shredded chicken dosed over with Thai special blended dressing, an unique salad much deviated from the norm but we like it!


Cube Steaks 250g – 150 days Grain-fed Australian Augus ($19.90)

Mojoburps 9

Slightly crisp exterior beef cube in medium rare served with green salad. Soft chewy texture, good complement to go with the beer.


Sloppy Mojo burger ($12.90)

 Mojoburps 7

The beef patty was tender and moist! American chili or beef sauce was packed with flavour and elevated the overall taste significantly. However, the copious and viscous sauce sandwiched in between the bread created some challenges for us, you really don’t want to create a big mess on the face so eat with care.


Breakfast beef burger ($13.90)

 Mojoburps 8

It was 7.30pm and we were eating Morning breakfast burger. Ok…a little too late for breakfast but Mojoburps only operates from 5pm onwards! A beef burger with bacon, cheese, Portobello mushrooms and a sunny side up egg. It is a decent burger to wash down with some beers.


Pattaya Pork Burger ($11.90)

Mojoburps 10

A pork patty wrapped with egg omelette for those looking for an alternative to beef. The pork burger actually tasted quite good, tender and moist.

Our verdict, Majoburps is a place you can get good selection of beer and food at reasonable price. Of course, it is not fair comparing a coffeeshop convertible cafe to a swanky upmarket cafe in the downtown,  Mojoburps has its own charm, it gives you the feeling of a sweet girl next door, nothing complicated but plain comfortable.

Mojoburps – coffeeshop at day and cafe at night

This shop had ceased operation




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