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Miow Sin Popiah . Carrot Cake

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Miow Sin Popiah . Carrot Cake (长屋)水金薄饼·菜头糕

 Miow Sin Popiah & carrot cake 4

The popiah costs $1.50 each and relatively reasonable compared to the market price of $2 to $2.50 per piece. Selling at this price and expect to deliver good quality and tasty popiah could be a daunting task. However, it seems like the stall does receive some attention from the media and we decided to verify the claim.



Miow Sin Popiah & carrot cake 2

What wrapped under the flour skin was made up mainly the turnip and trace of bean sprouts and nothing else, and we could not find any shrimp in the turnip as what shown on the signboard, cost cutting? Not sure. But the basic base sauce e.g. chili sauce, sweet sauce and the common ingredients like the eggs, green vegetable, peanut powder and garlic paste were nowhere can be found as well.

Miow Sin Popiah & carrot cake 3

In the end, we were eating a popiah with just the very basic ingredients which was just turnip, the taste was ordinary and nothing worth mentioning. In our opinion, the popiah is somehow much over-hyped. Well, may be with a price tag of $1.50, we should not expect too much as well.

Carrot Cake

Miow Sin Popiah & carrot cake 5

The radish has a soft texture and fried generously with eggs, the carrot cake was charred on one side to give the crispiness and allow you to taste of the wok smell. You can taste of the chai poh and the seasoning was acceptable with the fragrance of the fish sauce and chili paste, the drizzled of the spring onion further boosted the flavour and overall a decent carrot cake to our liking.

Miow Sin Popiah & carrot cake 6

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Miow Sin Popiah & carrot cake 1

Miow Sin Popiah . Carrot Cake

Address: #01-04, Lavender Food Square, 380 Jalan Besar

Telephone: 62928764

Operating Hours: Closed on alternate Wednesdays. Opened till 12moon

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