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Ming Ji mushroom minced meat noodle – Adamantly One of the best minced meat noodle in Singapore 明记香菇肉脞面 (CLOSED)

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Ming Ji mushroom minced meat noodle – Adamantly One of the best minced meat noodle in Singapore 明记香肉脞面 (NOTE: THE STALL HAS CEASED OPERATION)

 Ming Ji mushroom minced meat noodle 2

There are five to six choices of noodles served by the stall and looking around, most of the patrons seem to opt for the soupy base noodle but we decided to go for the dried mushroom minced meat noodle that served with a big bowl of soup with eggs and extra items, it costs $5. Clam and fish maw are price at $6 and $7.

The soup was truly remarkable, served with seaweed, fish maw, eggs, pig liver, slice pork, minced meat and some green.  The liver and pork were tender and not overcooked; we can also fully appreciate the bowl of flavourful soup with the medley of sweetness and fragrance from the ingredients and excellent seasoning, the stall is not stingy to use expensive but important ingredients e.g. sole fish to jazz up the soup. Lots of efforts must have channeled into preparing the delectable broth, it is definitely one of the best in Singapore.

Ming Ji mushroom minced meat noodle 3

The yellow noodle was perfectly cooked, chewy and springy; the seasoning sauce was equally impressive, you got to taste a perfect balancing of culinary skill presented by the uncle between the noodles with the mouth-watering soup, both complement each other seamlessly well.

Ming Ji mushroom minced meat noodle 4

Very rare situation that a bowl of mushroom minced meat noodle can be so satisfying.  We are confidently to say that Ming Ji mushroom mince meat noodle is more than qualify to be one of the top best minced meat noodles in Singapore. Judging from the perpetual long queue, we fully concur that the wait is worth every cent.

 Ming Ji mushroom minced meat noodle 1

Ming Ji mushroom minced meat noodle明记香肉脞

Address: 1A Crescent #01-2461 Luh Yuan Restaurant, Singapore 401001

Operating hours: 7.00 am to 3.00 pm (Off on Monday)

Telephone: 97372095


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