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Meow Xiang Vegetarian Food 妙香斋素食

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Meow Xiang Vegetarian Food 素食

This is a stall where you’ll find a long queue during peak hours. Interestingly, they only have one dish, which is noodles that come with a standard assortment of toppings. You get to choose the type of noodle, e.g. mee hoon or mee but not what you get on top of it. At $2 and $2.50, we can say that the price is very reasonable, so, could it be the price that has attracted the crowd or it is the quality of the food that has won them over?

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We ordered a plate of $2.50 fried mee hoon. The very first mouthful of white bee hoon instantly triggered and excited my taste buds. The aroma of the sesame oil was robust and enticing – every strand of bee hoon was permeated with sesame fragrance and we just couldn’t stop eating it! The toppings include fried cabbage, beancurd skin, mock char siew and mock duck. We can’t deny the toppings are of good quality. Vegetable was fresh and crunchy, fried beancurd skin was fresh and without the foul smell from using non fresh oil. Mock char siew and duck were flavourful.

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For a plate of $2 or $2.50 upsize serving, we now fully understand the popularity of the stall. It is the combination of quality food and reasonable pricing that helps it win the hearts of many.

Overall, Meow Xiang Vegetarian Food offers an economic, healthier (no meat) and tasty meal that’s hard to resist. Although sometimes the noodle quality can be a little inconsistent, e.g.too dry, it is still a stall worth patronizing.

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Meow Xiang Vegetarian Food素食

Add: 85 Fengshan Market and Food Centre, Blk 85 Bedok North St 4 #01-58 Singapore 460085

Hrs: Daily 7am – 3pm



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