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Meng Meng Roasted Duck 阿明帝王鸭 

Meng Meng Roasted Duck 阿明帝王鸭

Meng Meng Roasted Duck

If you have tried the roasted herbal duck at Restoran Ya Wang in JB or Dian Xiao Er from Singapore, Meng Meng Roasted Duck probably is another herbal roasted duck with lots of similarities in taste and flavour. Well, you are right if you suspect some forms of connection in between, long story short, Diao Xiao Er managed to secure the legal use of recipe from Ya Wang and introduced in part of the own menu, owner of Meng Meng roasted duck was once an apprentice at Ya Wang who obviously has mastered the dish and taking a step further merchandised the popular dish in their upscale restaurants.


Roasted combination (RM33.80/S, RM44.80/M, RM55.80/L)

Roasted combination (RM33.80/S, RM44.80/M, RM55.80/L)

We ordered the roasted meat combination that includes the signature Roasted Duck, Roasted Honey Pork (Char Siew) & Roasted Crispy Pork (Sio Bak), all served in a duck shape porcelain plate.

There are no obvious differences between Meng Meng roasted duck, Ya Wang or even Dian Xiao Er in term of the flavour, the use of herbal was well balanced to deliver the sauce that packed with tantalising taste. However, if we have to be nit-picking, among the three, the herbal sauce by Dian Xiao Er in Singapore somehow tasted slightly more succulent than the other two.

Roasted combination

Besides the herbal sauce, the texture of Meng Meng roasted duck was slightly on the coarser side perhaps got to do with the supply of the duck farm or the age of the portray, we love duck with fine texture unfortunately this is something that was missing here.

The char siew and sio bak both are reasonably good, we especially like the char siew with its good ratio of fat to lean meat and the well caramelised and charred flavour. (4.0/5.0)

Braised Claypot fish head with chilli (RM48.80)

Braised Claypot fish head with chilli (RM48.80)

We are recommended by the staff to try their signature braised claypot fishhead with dried chilli, the flavour and taste are not too bad but may not live up as their signature dish here. (3.2/5.0)

Our verdict

Meng Meng roasted duck has opened its newest outlet in the popular JB City Square, just a short walking distance from the Shifu Ya Wang’s original shop outside of the complex, Ya Wang may feel the pressure with the disciple is now right at the front door challenging the master, in the end, both have to deliver the best of the best to win over the customers.


Meng Meng Roasted Duck 阿明皇帝鸭

A: MF21A-22, Level 3, Innercity Lot, City Square, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor

H: Mon to Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00pm

A: L2-132(C), KSL City Mall, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

H: Mon to Sun: 11:00am – 10:00pm



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