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Matt’s The Chocolate Shop, Singapore @ Amoy Street – Chocolate that will melt your heart

Matt’s The Chocolate Shop, Singapore @ Amoy Street – Chocolate that will melt your heart

It all started out with Matthew’s love for baking chocolate cakes and experimenting with tons of different recipes, which resulted in his ultimate secret recipe. In the office, there’s normally one who is the boss’s favourite, one who thrives on gossip, one who knows the best deals in town, one who knows everyone and the list goes on. Obviously, Matthew was the one who always brought in goodies for the colleagues with his constant baking of chocolate cakes. What started out as a hobby soon became something more as his colleagues started ordering more of his chocolate cakes; and that’s how Matt’s Chocolate came to be.

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 2

(Outlet at Amoy Street)

Started in mid-2012, Matt’s chocolate has since expanded from an outlet in Amoy Street to the second which is conveniently located at One Raffles Place. For all you (dark) chocolate lovers out there, this sure means good news!

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 12

(Outlet at One Raffles Place)

The Amoy Street outlet occupies a small shop with limited sitting capacity; patrons mostly drop in to buy and take away.

Tiramisu Double Layer ($10.00)

Ladyfinger biscuits heavily soaked with Espresso and Baileys at the bottom, combined with the mascarpone cream that wasn’t too thick and cheesy such that it was overpowering, this is a must try and probably one of the best Tiramisu in town!

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 5

Though the price tag may look steep, for the quality you get, we think that it’s totally worth it!

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 6

Matt’s Fudge Cake ($4.00)

Moist chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache, it did not blow us away like the Tiramisu did – we did think it could have been richer – but it was still a good effort.

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 8

Iced Chocolate ($5.50)

Extremely thick, the taste of cocoa was very prominent. Whether you like this drink or not is subject to your love of chocolate, some of us thought it was a bit cloying after a few mouthfuls while others loved the richness of the drink. This is especially true for my dad, who you’d usually find filling his mug of chocolate drink with three quarters of chocolate powder, who would definitely fall in love with this.

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 11

Iced Matcha Latte ($5.50)

Very light tasting compared to the iced chocolate, with just a light tinge of green tea. The latte felt very smooth on the throat. Refreshing!

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 9

Pandan with Gula Melaka Cake ($4.00)

Moist, with its core being salty and the outer layer being sweet, we love the brown and burnt layer outside. The cake was coated with Gula Melaka and unlike the usual pandan cake you can get from Bengawan Solo, it definitely tasted far superior and was really addictive! (Felt like asking for a second serving but we felt a little “pai seh” (embarrassed) since we were invited for this round of food tasting.)

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 7

Chocolate chip cookie ($6.00 for 150g)

Crispy and light with a bit of a charred burnt smell, one of the rare chocolate chip cookies I’ll take a second, third and fourth bite from because it’s not thick and overly sweet like most.

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 1

On the whole, Matt’s Chocolate shop really lived up to our expectations as a dark chocolate fudge specialist. All the cakes contain half the sugar content of your typical chocolate cake, plus they use dark chocolate with 60% cocoa content – just some of the reasons that Matt’s The Chocolate Shop has won over so many chocolate fans – including us, their newest additions to the list!

Matt's The Chocolate Shop 4

Besides the shop at Amoy Street, you can drop by their newly opened takeaway store at One Raffles Place and get yourself a box of Tiramisu or perhaps the cakes or even the cookies! Their chocolate will be sure to melt your hearts.

(Special thanks to Nabby for hosting us at Matt’s Chocolate and Matt as well as Benjamin for the invitation)

Matt’s The Chocolate Shop, Singapore



Add: One Raffles Place B1-38, Singapore 048616

Tel: 65572274

Hrs: Weekday: 11am – 8pm, Weekend: 11am – 3pm


Add: 44 Amoy Street Singapore 069870

Tel: 65570535

Hrs: Weekday 11am – 6pm, Weekend: Closed






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