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Marina South Delicious Food 滨海南美食

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Marina South Delicious Food 滨海南美食

Marina South Delicious Food offers Fried Oyster eggs, Banana leaf Fried Kway Teow, Fried Carrot cake and prawn fritters. Located in the famous Maxwell Food Centre, the stall has gained several awards and recognitions from the media and given a rave review. We had to hold back the impulse to buy all the sinfully unhealthy delicious food and finally settled down with the fried oyster egg.


The oyster egg was quite different from the traditional fried oyster eggs that are usually fried to a nice crispy finish. The fried Oyster egg from Marina South Delicious food takes the opposite direction from the norm, with the chef intentionally keeping the fried oyster egg in a soft texture by not emphasizing on the crispiness of the coating but other aspects. A big risk to those who preferred the crispiness version, truth enough, both my kids instantly exhibited the strong reservation to one of their favorite food, the first response from them when the food was served came from their grimace expression, both looked at the fried oyster egg bewildering wondering if the chef could have mistakenly cooked too fast and forgot to make it crispy!


We did have some concerns at first as well but the worry diminished rapidly when we started tucking in the food. The fried oyster egg was indeed quite well fried, we can taste the flavours of the seasoning blending pretty well with the eggs and flour, the relatively large oysters were juicy and fresh and the spring onion topping closed up the gaps and made up on the lack of crispiness. The dish was fragrant with the right moist, not too dried compared to many of other fried oyster egg stalls. The chili sauce went well with the fried oyster egg with a right sourness and spiciness.  


Overall, the fried oyster egg from Marina South Delicious Food was reasonable good, though it may not be good enough to inspire us wholeheartedly especially for my two glutton kids. However, we think the stall is still worth the visit and will like to try their other choices in our next visit.


Marina South Delicious Food

Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-35 Raffles Place        

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun: 0700 – 2000

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