Marina Mandarin MoonCake

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Marina Mandarin MoonCake

Mooncake – perhaps the most symbolic representation of the Mid-autumn festival. Many types of different fillings can be found in this traditional mooncakes, more common one including green tea flavour, fruity flavour, five kernel to the more unique ham, chicken floss or even ice-cream!

The crust is not limited to the traditional chewy reddish-brown pastry with the glossy sheen but has developed to include the flaky and non-baked snow-skin to give a completely different twist to the traditional recipes.

Marina Mandarin Mooncake 3

This is our first time tasting the mooncake from Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin. We usually have some reservations when it comes to moon cakes, what with their high sugar content, fortunately, we felt more at ease when we were told that the mooncake from Peach Blossoms were tweaked to be less sweet, creating a healthier choice for those with more discerning palates.

There were different fillings of mooncake for tasting, we managed to have a taste of all including the Eight Treasures (8-yolk) with White Lotus Paste, a really big moon cake that was enough for everyone in the family!

Marina Mandarin Mooncake 1

Their newest creation this year, the Mini Yolk Charcoal Black Sesame Paste Mooncake with Melon Seeds and Gold Dust  comes in a gift set of eight, and makes for the perfect bite-size treat. The aromatic black sesame paste complements the savoury egg yolk flavour, and is a refreshing twist on the usual. Imagine eating moon cakes brushed with glistering gold dust… a pretty decadent experience we must say!

Marina Mandarin Mooncake 2

As mentioned, mooncakes are generally considered high in sugar content and not for excessive consumption, but alleviating the guilt slightly is the Pine Nuts with White Lotus Paste Mooncake – apparently, pine nuts are high in anti-oxidants and help prevent coronary artery disease and strokes. Wash that down with Chinese tea and you’re good to go!

Marina Mandarin Mooncake 4

Overall, Mooncake from Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin would probably be popular with health-conscious Singaporeans for their less-sweet versions. The Mooncake is also fully sealed to ensure the freshness – the packaging is also classic and beautifully designed. Well, maybe it’s time to get a box for my mother-in-law!

Marina Mandarin Mooncake 5

Peach Blossoms

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