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Malaysia Peddler Sidewalk 大马路边摊

Malaysia Peddler Sidewalk 大马路边摊 

Malaysia peddler sidewalk 3

Malaysia Peddler Sidewalk has quite a few branches in Singapore. The stall specialises in serving Malaysian noodles such as Tuk Tuk Mee (Wanton Noodle), Curry Laksa, Ipoh Hor Fun and Minced meat (Bak Chor) Mee. We know Malaysia has lots of famous roadside stalls selling delicious snack and food that alluring to many of the Singaporean as well. Our plan was to order the two most popular dishes from the stall, the minced meat noodle and the prawn noodle soup. However, the auntie from the stall convinced us to go for the dry prawn noodle instead of the soupy version for better taste, so we went with her recommendation and hope to taste the authentic Malaysia peddler food.


Minced Meat Noodles

Malaysia peddler sidewalk 4

The minced meat noodle was topped with minced meat, pig liver, sliced pork, shallot, spring onions, fish balls and meat balls.  The noodle was slightly overcooked, as the result the noodle turned out to be not springy but a little soggy in the texture.

Malaysia peddler sidewalk 6

The traditional dark sauce coupled with the chili sauce can’t live up the overall taste significantly. Topping was nothing outstanding either, the fish balls and meat balls were tasted similarly to those from the supermarket shelves; fortunately the pig liver was not overcooked and retained the softness and the soup was tasty. Overall, it is an ordinary minced meat noodle with nothing to impress.

Dry prawn noodle

Malaysia peddler sidewalk 2

The dry prawn noodle came with prawn, meat ball, sliced pork, bean sprouts, green, shallot and fish cake, the seasoned chili sauce was not too big an excitement but the taste of prawn noodle was more prominent, however, the soup was flavorful and tasty in general.

Malaysia peddler sidewalk 5

Overall, Malaysia peddler sidewalk is just another roadside stall serving ordinary Malaysia local delights, not really too outstanding but also nothing you can find too many faults in it.

 Malaysia peddler sidewalk 1

Malaysia Peddler Sidewalk 大马路边

 1) Kopitiam @ V Hotel


3) Kopitiam @ NUH Wing 2 (Kent Ridge Wing)

4) Kopitiam @ 9 Tampines Mart

5) Kopi Seletar @ Greenwich V

6) NTUC Foodfare @ Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

7) NTUC Foodfare @ Simei MRT Station — at Blk 273 Bukit batok east point.



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