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Malacca Chicken Rice Ball

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Malacca Chicken Rice Ball Review

The steamed birds hanging on the hooks have a very distinctive yellow colour versus our Singapore pale-whitish Hainanese chicken, we are still puzzled what makes the birds turned yellow instead of white.

malacca chicken rice 1

There is something we are truly impressed with the chicken here, when ordered the chicken, take a close look about the skin (chicken skin of course), the skin was as thin as a paper compared to most of the chicken skin in the market that are saturated with a thick layer of fat!  More amazingly that you will even hardly notice any layer of fat beneath the thin coat, what we can say it is a truly “thin skin” birds. The chicken was tendered and flavourful  with the unique sauce, it went pretty well with the chicken and that created a succulent taste that blow you mind away.


malacca chicken rice 2

The rice is soft and mushy, rolled into dainty golf-sized balls, this is something we can’t understand why Malacca chicken rice always served in a ball than just filled the plate full with rice. Is it true chicken rice in ball shape taste better with this special configuration? Anyway, the rice was delicious with a nice fragrance aroma and retaining the authentic flavour of chicken stock, it was more moist than Singapore chicken rice but equally addictive when pairing with the chicken.

malacca chicken rice 3

However, when come to real excellent authentic Malacca chicken rice, we can go into hysterical should our top favourite Malacca Chung Wah chicken rice is here to showcase their well-loved chicken rice. From the chicken to the rice, it is so good that we always dreamt about their fantastic chicken rice everytime when we returned from Malacca. At this juncture, we will have to live with this stall.

Malacca Chicken Rice Ball

Address: Malaysia Food Street

Resort World Sentosa




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