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Makan@Jen Orchardgateway Singapore –Great desserts and ice cream

Makan@Jen Orchardgateway Singapore –Great desserts and ice cream 

Makan at Jen 1

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We had a meet up session with Meredith from The BiTZs magazine at Makan@Jen for their buffet lunch. Makan@Jen is part of the Jen Hotel rebranded from the former Trader Hotel. Located at the heart of Orchard next to the 313 Orchardgateway.

Makan at Jen 2

Makan@Jen has a giant dining hall with both indoor and al fresco dining areas, full glass panels allow the diners to enjoy the magnificent of the city panorama view. The ambience is designed to provide a spacious, vibrant and yet extremely comfortable setting for the diners. Serving A la Carte and buffet with the choices of local specialties, seafood, International cuisine and the much talk about desserts and ice cream!

Makan at Jen 3

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Guiltiness with eating buffet for fearing of stretching the waistline somehow succumbed to the temptation of the delicacies paraded on the counters. The saying goes, “Heroes will eventually submit to the beauties”, a quote never failed to prove its worth.

Based on the price you pay, we think the varieties of food presented was reasonable, we are more particular about the food quality than looking for larger choices of food variety.

Seafood – The prawns, crab, clams and Mussels were fresh, the crab was served in whole crab than chopped into smaller pieces. You need the tool extensively to deal with this crustacean; it was a little challenging but overall was satisfying from the freshness and sweetness of this steamed cold crab.

Makan at Jen 6

Noodles – The laksa was robustly rich and flavourful, however, if you are a chili lover and expect a bowl of spicy laksa that can make you sweat it out, you may not find the fulfilment here, the food here in general are “Non-Chili friendly”, the level of spiciness has very much moderated to accommodate for the tourists. For the local, we have to add BIG spoonful of chili paste to perk up the spiciness but it still has no gleam from us.

Makan at Jen 15

Chinese food – the roasted pork, duck and herbal chicken were savory, we like the roasted pork the most with the crisp skin and has no excessive fat.

Makan at Jen 4

Indian food – limited choices and the curry was more towards the sweet taste, spicy? See the Noodles above.

Japanese food – Fresh and thick chuck of Tuna & Salmon Sashimi.

Makan at Jen 7

Western food – Not too many choices but the food were general palatable, the Otah pizza was quite unique and worth a try.

Makan at Jen 5

Desserts – Yes! Desserts! This is the highlight of the buffet, compared to the desserts we had from the buffets at Shangri-la (Hotel Jen’s parent company), Holiday-inn, Mandarin etc, we have no hesitation to endorse the quality of the desserts here, from the presentation to the flavor, we can’t stop for going back again and again.

Makan at Jen 12

Ice cream – This is the MUST EAT here!, most of the buffets only offer ordinary or average ice cream quality and that can’t generate too much of the excitement on us. Makan@Jen perhaps is the only one buffet got us addicted with its ice-cream. Rich, fresh, natural taste and definitely not infused with artificial flavouring, not sugary sweet and never feeling of cloying after few rounds! We have to fight real hard to prevent overstuffing our stomach with these sinfully nice cold desserts.

Makan at Jen 11

Do try their a la carte signature dish eg. laksa fried rice that served with big prawn and the killer chill, live up to the name and if buffet not something for you, we highly recommend you try the laksa fried rice, don’t neglect the accompanied chili sauce, it helped to elevate the overall taste of the fried rice by another few notches. (OMG! so nice that we forgot to snap a shot !!!)

Makan at Jen 14

Our verdict:

Food spread at Makan@Jen may not as many as varieties if compared to other buffets in town, but again, judging from the value aspect, Buffet at Makan@Jen is worth the value for the price you paid, coupled with the real nice ambience and space, this is definitely a great gathering place for family, friends and companies.

Makan at Jen 9

Cannot be missed: Desserts and Icre-cream

  • Weekday Lunch Semi Buffet from 12pm to 2.30pm from SGD 11.90
  • Weekend Singapore Brunch from 12.30pm to 3pm at SGD 38
  • Sunday to Thursday International Buffet from 6.30pm to 10pm at SGD 42
  • Friday and Saturday Seafood Buffet from 6.30pm to 10pm SGD 60
  • A-La-Carte menu will also be available from 6.30am to 11pm daily

Makan@Jen Orchardgateway Singapore

Add: 277 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238858

Hrs: 6.30am to 11pm daily

Tel: 6708 8899


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