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MADO Cafe – Serves One of the Best Ice Cream in the world?

MADO Cafe – Serves One of the Best Ice Cream in the world?

Mado 17

The first ever outlet in Singapore, located at one of Singapore’s largest malls: JEM. MADO prides themselves in having the best and the finest ice cream in the world. On top of that, they also serve mains and desserts with daily set lunches for only $9.90++ which consists of a main, a soup of the day and a free drink. We decided to go for the set lunches, a Breaded Dory Fish Fillet set and a Chicken Borito set. Both set lunches came with a bowl of Watercress soup and a cup of sparkling apple juice. To accompany that, we also had the Grilled Cajun Chicken, Fried Soft Shell Crab starter, Thai Spring Roll Starter. For desserts, we had Tiramisu with Hazelnut Ice Cream, and Chocolate Banana Waffle with Strawberry.

Watercress Soup

Mado 11

The soup that came with the set lunches was slightly on the bland side, although a few sprinkles of pepper should be able to do the trick. The soup was bland not because it was diluted, but because there wasn’t enough seasoning. I guess it’s the healthier option?

Breaded Dory Fish Fillet ($9.90)

Mado 9

Fried till it’s crispy on the outside and yet still soft and moist on the inside. The mashed potato was average, could have had more thickened cream added to give it more flavour.

Chicken Borito ($9.90)

Mado 7

A western twist to a kebab, with the chicken being in strands instead of in dices. This was our favourite main among all as it was the tastiest one, with a tinge of mildly spicy Cajun seasoning, and mayonnaise, with the tender chicken. The coleslaw was also good, but the fries could have been crispier.

Mado 8

Grilled Cajun Chicken ($14.90)

Mado 5

Would be best if it was seasoned longer, this was another main that tasted bland, we couldn’t taste the Cajun seasoning at all. We were thankful for the slightly salted cheese, and the fact that the chicken was fried till it had a thin crispy layer on the outside while still remaining tender on the inside.

Fried Soft Shell Crab ($8.90)

Mado 3

The picture in the menu was highly deceiving, but we digress. There were 4 small pieces of crab served with some green vegetables. The soft shell crab was rather plain on its’ own, but not so much when eaten with the sauce at the side, which was a dressing that we can’t put our finger to it. Anyway, the dressing was a little sour and sweet at the same time.

Mado 12

As for the salad, my father found that the salad had a few brown spots/patches at the stem that might suggest that the salad wasn’t fresh and had oxidised from prolonged storage. When we made a feedback to the waiter that was serving us, he apologised and offered to serve as an additional portion of salad. Although we denied, he still gave us a nicely plated portion anyway, which made us feel like Kings and Queens. Good service they got there!

Mado 10

Thai Spring Roll ($6.90)

Mado 1

Nothing fantastic, was probably fried from the frozen packets as they taste rather similarly to the ones that I have at home.

Tiramisu with Hazelnut Ice Cream ($9.50)

Mado 15

Tiramisu tasted more like chocolate cake with cream. There was no taste of coffee or liquor, and even the chocolate tasted rather bland. Would never order it again. The tiramisu itself costs $6.50.

Mado 16

We decided to add an additional scoop of ice cream for just $3.00, compared to the usual $4.50. If the ice cream was a person, it would be graceful, elegant, classy and definitely gorgeous. The ice cream was exceptionally fine, we’ve never eaten ice cream that tasted this good. I personally never knew what fine ice cream was until I had the one at MADO’s. Flavourful and fine, it was perfect.

Chocolate Banana Waffle with Strawberry ($9.90)

Mado 13

The waffle was average; it probably wasn’t fragrant as the chef does not want to overshadow the ice cream. Although we can’t imagine if anything can overshadow the rich and fine chocolate ice cream. Although the ice cream was rich, it wasn’t extremely sweet till it gets a little cloying. Eaten together with the fresh and tasty banana and strawberry, this is an example of heaven on earth.

Mado ice cream crafted through completely natural processes. In fact not a surprise since MADO Cafe serves one of the World’s Best Ice Cream imported from Turkey.

On the whole, the main course should not be the focus to visit Mado but the ice cream is something you should not be missed and a must try desserts here.

One more observation,  their menu is highly doubtful as all their chef recommendations are the priciest item in that section… (So sneaky!) We have to say though, maybe it is true that they serve one of the finest ice cream in the world.

 Mado 14

Mado Cafe

Address: Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road #1-04, Singapore 608549

Operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 1000 – 2200




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