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Ma Bo Lor Mee 孖宝麻坡卤面

Ma Bo Lor Mee  孖宝麻坡卤面

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The stall specifically mentioned the Lor Mee is from Muar (麻坡), a small town located in Malaysia Johor state and famour for it seafood and delectable food. What is the difference in the Lor Mee across the cross way versus our local Hokkien Lor Mee?

We tasted some of the famous local lor mee before, from old Kallang airport, Hougaug, Eunos, Tampines to Tiong Bahru. The noodles are kind of similar come with thick starchy braised gravy, topped with ingredients from fish cakes, Ngo Hiang, fish nuggets, fish flakes, eggs, beansprouts and braised pork.

Ma Bo Lor Mee 2

Ma Bo Lor Mee though originated from Muar, that is not much the differences between the Muar and the local lor mee. We found similar ingredients in the dish, the usual fish cake, deep fried fish nuggets, braised pork, hard boiled egg and Ngo Hiang etc. Of course, the same thick starchy braised gravy that submerged the yellow noodle.

At $2.50 a bowl, this is surprisingly cheap, in a bowl of lor mee, the braised gravy of the lor mee is the soul of the dish, fortunately the gravy was delicious and quite well balance in their seasoning. The fried fish was in a nice golden brown which was tender and moist, a good complement to accentuate the tastefulness of the dish.

Ma Bo Lor Mee 3

Honestly, we can’t really tell the difference in between the Ma Bo Lor Mee and those from the local, may be there is no difference at all at the first place, or the migration of the dish to the island could have evolved over the years to suit the local taste. We are not sure but perhaps a trip to Muar could be the best to verify the claims.

 Ma Bo Lor Mee 1


Ma Bo Lor Mee (孖宝麻坡卤面)

Address: Hong Lim Market & Food Centre #02-34



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