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Lu Jia Fish soup 盧家鱼汤

Lu Jia Fish soup 盧家鱼汤

Good food not just lingering in the taste buds physically for the petite flash but goes beyond and resides in the memory for as long as you live especially for food lovers like us.

So, when we saw the notice displayed at their stall telling the customers the plan to end the business here at their Taman Jurong canteen and moving to Yishun in view of the escalating rental, the reality is always cruel and our hearts are pinched to see that our favorite lunch companion has decided to part with us. Working in the West of Singapore and travelling to Yishun can never be possible and our frequent visit to the canteen for the fish soup has since became the history. Obviously, the canteen has also lost some of their most loyal visitors.

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Lu Jia Fish soup

Fish soup is healthier and for the glutton family, maintaining healthy diet in the weekday is vital so as to make the indulgences in our family food trails over the weekends less pressurizing and guilty.

We love good food and for the die-hard fans of Lu Jia Fish soup, the moving of the stall will not deter our craving for the fish soup. Whenever we are near Yishun, the desirability to taste of the fish soup would naturally float up in our mind.

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Lu Jia Fish soup ability to win over our hearts can be attributed to their freshness of the fish and the beguiling soup base. Soup is the essence of the dish, and the broth was well seasoned and cooked to provide an easy but pleasantly sweet and flavourful taste. The soup was tantalizing to the taste buds and brings you a great satisfaction that you will make you yearn for more. Though at times, the soup could be a little plain but in general, it has not disappointed us most of the time.

Lu Jia fish soup serves varieties of fish related dishes, besides our beloved fish slice soup, you can have the options to go with fried sliced fish, fried fish head and some other new introductions in their new Yishun stall e.g. salmon fish. However, we have yet to try those. Perhaps one of the days we should explore their new dishes.

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Besides the soup, we like the fish slice with its freshness and the trouble to go the extra mile to remove the fish skin. This is not common considering the additional preparation work required and usually left intact from other stalls selling the same. The skin may be insignificant to many but for the fish soup lovers, the extra effort is highly commendable and a show of their attention with the details. The skinless fish slice made the whole fish slice soup looked more appearing and reduces the fishy smell drastically. The amount of the fish slice was generous and do try their home made chili as well, as it goes pretty well as a dip for the fish slice.

Talking about the best fish soup here, it might be good to share the worst fish soup we had tried in our life. This was from a fish soup stall we patronized in a coffeeshop near Tampines, what “impressed” us was the amount of fish slice in the soup, a bowl of much featureless soup with only THREE small slices of fish but full of tofu and tomatoes, may be a tofu soup to be more appropriate than a fish soup looking at the ingredients in the bowl, an interesting experience and a memorable one in our food trail.

In life, it is always the best and worst memories that live with us, so do our journeys in the food trails.

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Lu Jia Fish soup

Address: Soon Hong Eating House

1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-12, A’Posh BizHub

Telephone: 8588 4282 Jesslyn

Operating Hours: Lunch till dinner




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