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Long Xiang Hainanese Curry Rice 龙香后港海南咖喱饭

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Long Xiang Hainanese Curry Rice / Economic Bee Hoon 龙香后港海南咖喱饭

Kovan Hougang Market and Food Centre is always packed of patrons during peak hours especially during weekends, so pack that we had to go few rounds before we can find an “empty” table, the customers just left the seats but the “empty” table was piled with all the used utensils from the previous customers and previous previous customers……looking at the perpetual crowd and the mess of all the tables, we sympathised the poor cleaners working in this food centre, probably one of the worst when come to workload.

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There are several famous food stalls operating in this food centre, the snaking queues were the best indication of the most popular one, one of them apparently is the Long Xiang Hainanese Curry Rice / Economic Bee Hoon.  Before we locked in our target, we had appraised the other two Hainanese curry rice operating in the same food centre, Among the three Hainanese curry rice stalls, Long Xiang has the most varieties of dishes and the presentation was the most alluring to our taste buds.

Long Xiang Hainanese Curry Rice

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Honestly speaking, Hainanese curry rice makes no difference than any of the mixed vegetable food stalls you can find in any of the food centres, the exception are the few unique dishes that exclusively belongs to the Hainanese. One of the dishes obviously is the pork chop, who can do better pork chop than the Hainanese? We bet very few. The next jewel on the crown to differentiate Hainanese curry rice from the rest has to be the curry, the curry must have the right Hainanese “flavour”, not the ordinary curry rice that uses fish curry, mutton curry or chicken curry as the dousing gravy and this is where we tend to give a heavier weightage.

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The dishes Long Xiang Hainanese Curry Rice were very well cooked and tasty, the eggplant, cabbage, shark meat with salted vegetable, egg omelette to the pork chop simply sumptuous; the dishes definitely deserved the top rating in our opinion. However, the focus of the dish – the curry somehow was not able to bring up the best of a Hainanese curry rice and its flavour to create a punch, in our opinion, a real good Hainanese curry must be able to blend well with all the dishes when doused over, the curry is just important as the conductor in the orchestra, the primary duties of the conductor are to unify performers and that is where we think the synchronization is not working correctly which has to be discounted in the overall performance.

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Long Xiang Hainanese Curry Rice 龙香后港海南咖喱饭

Address: Kovan Hougang Market and Food Centre,

Block 209, #01-25 Hougang Street 21


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